NBA Street: Homecourt demo dated is reporting that the NBA Street: Homecourt demo will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace on February 2nd. That's only two days after the release of the Def Jam: Icon demo.

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shotty4914d ago

I'm confused so shouldn't Def jam be out today or is it tommorow. I know Street is coming friday. ooo such a spicy week for the marketplace.

o Su1cyDal o4914d ago

I agree with you. If it's supposed to come out two days after the Def Jam demo, that would mean the DJ should be out today.

Optimus Prime4914d ago

be sweet. i cant wait for this game to come out.

Havince4914d ago

Def Jam will be out today, i cant wait 2 get home then download it when i have finished at the gym