PlatinumGames Would Love to Finish Scalebound With Microsoft's Permission

PlatinumGames says it would love to finish making its cancelled action-RPG Scalebound one day but would need Microsoft's permission to do so.

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Jin_Sakai189d ago ShowReplies(16)
lifeisgamesok189d ago

Drop the multiplayer and make it a SP RPG. With the new CPU the performance should be way better

If Microsoft has no plans for the IP they should give it to Platinum

CaptainCook189d ago

Why should Microsoft give the IP to Platinum studios for free when Microsoft funded millions into the IP?

RazzerRedux189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Edited. Misunderstood the point.

No, they shouldn't give it away, but they could come up with an alternative. PG willing to buy something MS apparently has no use for. Would love to see the game rise from the ashes somehow.

Godmars290189d ago

no one has ever explained the in game-world excuse for four player coop. It only ever came off as reason to have/pay for XBL.

Ratty189d ago

They could still get money from it by cutting a deal with Platinum Games whereas keeping it for themselves gives them nothing.

Chexs1990189d ago

They could still keep a royalty agreement of x amount per unit sold though?

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TakashiKomuro189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Just make the game into Drakengard. Done.

I think the game would do well either way though, as MP most didn't like it because of the MC/Music but the MC isn't terribad and there were more types of music as time went on.

That said, a Drakengard reboot would be insane and I'd play it in a split second.

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spwittbold189d ago

It may not resonate with you, especially if you have no friends to play games with. That said Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast was one of my favorite games of all time. Destiny and Monster Hunter World also say hello.

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PrinceOfAnger189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Microsoft should let Ninja theory work on it
and make it a type of game like heavenly sword with dragons ;)

DragonWarrior19189d ago

We've seen Ninja Theory take a Japanese developed IP and the crap all over it and the developers who made it then on the fans for being upset with their behavior and how bad the game was looking and released. No thanks, NT can stick to their walking simulator

189d ago
PrinceOfAnger189d ago

Heavenly sword
Is a walking simulator ?
lol! clearly you didn't play those

Darkwatchman189d ago

Ninja theory is a good developer, but they wouldn’t do the original vision for scalebound justice. Platinum knows good combat. Their games have a variety of issues depending on which game you play, but they all share on common thread, fast paced and exciting combat.

DmC, ninja theory’s game with the best combat, doesn’t come close to reach platinum levels of exciting and platinum levels of depth. They’re better sticking to story focused games to offset their so-so action game capabilities.

Segata189d ago

Oh I am sure Kamiya would love to see two of his passion projects bastardize his vision. He already saw Dante get ruined in one game. I'm sure he would love to see another and that would only push PG further away from MS.

JayRyu189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Dante got ruined in Devil may cry 2, before NT even touched it!
Always believe in second chances...Devil May Cry 3

Jrios355188d ago

Why do people forget that Devil May Cry 2 was the first DMC game that made Dante look bad?

YEP414189d ago

I agree 💯! I wouldn’t mind giving them another shot either

Channel-Live189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

DMC? A walking simulator? You're mistaking Ninja Theory for Hideo Kojima

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Immorals189d ago

Drop the cringey beats wearing teen shit and make it a bit more serious and it would sell. I liked the idea, but it always looked rough, and parts were just cringeworthy

OneLove189d ago

I never understood this complaint. That's more so aesthetics. These things dont really change the plot. Petty complaints in my opinion.

SyntheticForm189d ago

People thought Delsin Rowe was cringey too, but I had no problem with him. There's actually many like his character in Seattle.

nommers189d ago

Add another nail in the coffin to why Japanese games don’t sell well on Xbox systems why don’t you.

Ain’t gonna happen. You want more Japanese games on Xbox you’re gonna have to deal with the culture.

uRaDecepticon189d ago

I was looking for this comment...

DanielEndurance189d ago

Regardless of what else is coming, the Series X could use it...