I asked Hideki Kamiya all the questions he blocks you for on Twitter

Hideki Kamiya’s social persona is very different from how he appears in real life.

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Loadedklip722d ago

He blocked me for asking for The Wonderful 101 on Switch ... but now its actually happening!!

Chocoburger722d ago

He blocks everyone that Tweets to him in English, I believe.
I did Tweet to him once, and he didn't block me though. I'm surprised!

ReVibe722d ago

Was it a comment or question?

Argosax722d ago (Edited 722d ago )

My sister cosplayed Bayonetta once and sent pictures of her cosplay to Kamiya saying some things in English, she didn't get banned and he even "hearted" and answered her.

Chocoburger722d ago

All I said was "PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4" to him when Bayonetta 2 was announced for Wii U.

Take a look at his own Tweet to see what I mean.

Nerdmaster722d ago
I knew he was a j***, I just didn't know he was that much of a j***...

Teflon02722d ago

He's actually is messed up for that smh. Then ppl are still going to kiss his ...

Iceman100x722d ago

why do you people keep giving money to these hacks?

Loadedklip720d ago

He is a jerk but he makes amazing games. As long as he is not actually hurting anyone, there is no shame in enjoying his work.

GameStallion721d ago

Looks like he blocked the writer from completing the interview.

Exvalos721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

Dude isn't god or even the biggest name in gaming needs to get over himself, surprised he can even get that big head of his through the the front door. Its friggin twitter I'm not doing research or twitter diving in old tweets to figure out if.its okay to send a message dude needs to grow up