Sony Aiming for Smooth Transition to PS5 thanks to Growing Network Services Revenue and More

During Sony's financial conference call, Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki talked about today's results and the transition to PS5.

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TheEnigma3131220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

the transition will be very smooth with the PS5 being backwards compatible and hard hitting exclusives coming this year. Time to dominate another gen.

Fist4achin1220d ago

I was going to say, BC is probably the most important thing because so many games are being released it's hard not to have anything to play or be bored.

If went further back than PS4 games, then I would be happy as a clam. Yes, my backlog goes beyond the current generation.

DarXyde1220d ago

Most people's backlogs do.

I have about 8 PS2 games I need to complete.

Don't get me started on PS3.

fiveby91220d ago

I read the comment which stated "that can be profitable during its lifetime". I suppose that might mean taking a loss on hardware sales initially to keep the price point competitive on launch. Over time the hardware becomes cheaper to manufacture and using software and services to make up revenue which was lost with the initial hardware purchase. But that's just a guess on my part.

madpuppy1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

10-4 I would love to have at least PS3, there are a ton of games that I would love to play over as well as missed out on.

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CaptainHenry9161220d ago

Gamers that's downvoting must be in denial. Everyth he said is facts

Neonridr1219d ago

maybe they just don't drink the kool-aid like that. I'm excited for the PS5 and will definitely be picking it up over a Series X (nothing against Xbox personally, but I have a gaming PC so I should be good to get the majority of games there). But the way they talk makes it seem like they have some personal investment in the success of the console. I guess most of us don't actually talk like that in real life.

Muzikguy1220d ago

Few more weeks hopefully we will know more. Everything but the price probably

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nucky641220d ago

i would trade everything this guy said for the date of the ps5 reveal

IRetrouk1220d ago

Hopefully we hear some ps5 news soon, I want all the infos😂

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GameStallion1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Sony will have a “smooth transition” thanks to great exclusives and people like myself that want to see all the amazing games launching this year, like Cyberpunk run on gen 9 hardware.

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