Macworld: MacBook Air 1.86GHz review


"There's no right answer to the question. If you're someone who cares about the size and weight of your laptop more than anything else, or don't really need top-of-the-line performance, or don't care about the price of your laptop, the MacBook Air was designed specifically for you. And this new model is definitely faster than the original MacBook Air, with increased storage space that makes it less of a sacrifice to migrate to an Air.

In January, when the original Air was announced, the need for its existence was stronger. Today the MacBook is a better buy for all but the most extreme devotees of thinness and lightness. It's not that the MacBook Air is a bad laptop. It's just that Apple has made a faster, cheaper, and almost equally attractive model that costs hundreds less and only weighs 2.04 kilos."

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