Bonus Round Episode 28: Part 2 - Online Services

GameTrailers: With Home just around the corner we take an inside look at the PSN

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Omega43621d ago

This video pretty much sums how Home stacks up to XBL

A lot of very valid points, Sony still got a long ways to go after Home and NXE launch

Parapraxis3621d ago

Actually it doesn't, because PSN is not just HOME, it's a part of PSN. Forget HOME and compare PSN to XBL and the differences are minimal. One is free, one isn't, one makes you host your own servers, one doesn't.
Those are the MAIN differences.

ultimolu3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Home is an online application. It's not a game, a Sims knockoff, or playing with "Barbie-dolls". I cannot believe you actually believe the idiots on this video.

ThanatosDMC3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Juuken starting to show his true colors... DUN DUN DUN!!!

I like the bonus rounds. Probably the only thing i've watched on Gametrailers and the Dead Fantasy or whatever call it. But sometimes i just dont like their ignorant guests.

Wow, they just said it's wrong to have PSN free?! Did they know that dorkwads get modded in Warhawk? You wont find any stupid 15yr old cussing or dropping racial slurs after racial slurs. But they do hate me and tell me to stop playing or go on their team cuz I OWN THE SKIES...

Literally, i do. Sometimes it sucks when no one wants to dog fight with me anymore... then that's when i switch to the other team.

ruibing3621d ago

"This video pretty much sums how Home stacks up to XBL"

I think that's the problem with this discussion, it was suppose to be focused on PSN versus XBL, but all they talked about was Home. And instead of offering any useful conjectures for improvement, they simply dumbed everything down. Someone should have asked whether any of them are in the Home beta, or whether they have spent enough time on PSN playing games to get a real feeling for the experience. It is like being fanboys and making fun of the competitors without experiencing it first hand. As a result, we have them praising XBL and assuming PS3 owners don't play multiplayer without ever trying Resistance, CoD4, or Warhawk online.

One of the worst discussions I've seen for the bonus round. Keithley tried to keep them unbiased, but groupthinking pretty much took over with his three guests and we have this biased discussion as a result.

Milky Joe3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

... That was full of... No Milky, this is a family friendly site!

That's right Pachter, the fact that the PSN is free is only causing us PSNers grief, isn't it... I can't play a single game without being raped in the ears by a whole host of griefers that fill every single game. We all know that Xbox Live is the place to go if you want a family friendly environment, full of courteous players who are polite and civil and wouldn't dare to make a swear or cause any upset to another living being...

The only one who seemed to know what he was on about was Geoff and he's the bloody host! Home isn't just about making your apartment look nice and dressing up your avatar as these people seem to think it is. How the hell can people who are that ignorant about the area they work in be considered experts in any way???


EDIT: @ 1.4

You're spot on, and even when Geoff asked Pachter what the PSn needed to do to improve, all he could come up with was some meaningless line of crap. "They need to attract more people who will actually play games"??? What the hell are you talking about??? So are you saying that all these people who I play online with aren't real??? That they are all part of some complex AI program to create the illusion that I'm not the only person on the PSN??? Go eat a wank you moron!!!

Quindarogamer3621d ago

I think that all of their points are pretty vaild (coming from a Sony Fan.) I have been in the Home Beta for at least two months and I don't even go to it any more. I find it kind of crazy that they say that that free service is a liability. Screw the club argument that Pachter mentioned I'm saving money each year.


Bodhi3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I agree with the HOME part, their opinions were valid.

I don't agree with the park analogy simply because assholes are everywhere. Can't really stop them.

I don't agree with the PSN friends thing.

I agree that PSN's community isn't as strong as mics aren't standard.

I agree that PSN isn't putting enough pressure on LIVE though.

Overall it was a good show, some good points, some awful points.

Some of you (ultimolu) have to calm down. Opinions are opinions. Live with them.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3621d ago

Sony is one of the easiest targets to be the stereotypical gamer to be sensationalized. I understand why they have chosen the platform but the reasoning for it isn’t strong. Since it's free there will be more trash talkers doesn't make sense or talking about how I have real friends.

In reality people have many different kinds of friends. I for one have friends to go to clubs with, study with, co-worker friends, hanging out friends, and most of all online friends. I have created an account on gaming websites and created friends with people I will never meet in person. This is their strongest argument that they have real friends with real apartments. The misconception is that when people take things too far and form personal relationships this is what draws bad attention to online applications to things like PlayStation Home.

Think about it, what sounds closest to the stereotype that gamers have no real lives, PlayStation Home. A place where you make your own apartment, buy clothes, and hang out makes it such an easy target. At the same time people will come to websites like these to post their blogs for strangers to comment, a contradictory my dear Watson.

I’m even commenting on your comment and I have no idea what you look like nor your personality. So are websites that have blogs, news, and editorials going to be a target, no. The reason for this is because everyone knows enough mainstream information that people will see through the sensationalism. There points aren’t strong it is just stereotyping the online world that is actually typical to do. Since policing the internet is relatively new the common misconception is that people online have no lives.

kwicksandz3621d ago

The part where he asks them " Do you play on PSN?"




"I ughhh play resistance but uuughhh no"

This both proves that they shouldnt be running a panel on PSN and that the PSN is no where near its competitor. Cross game chat along all games sony! get on that

Common Sense3621d ago

They're are comparing Home to barbie.
I bet when NXE comes out, they'll say it's the most innovative thing ever and praise it to heaven.
Those bastards sicken me.
If home was coming to the 360, they'll say it's the best thing since slice bread.

It seems everyone except Ps3 owners and Sony want the PS3 to fail. They nitpick every PS3 game. If a PS3 game is short (heavenly sword), it gets horrible reviews but when it's a 360 game, they say quality>quantity (Gears 1 & 2,short campaign, 5 v 5 multiplayer). A PS3 game has variety, they say "it has too much variety" (R&C). A Ps3 game has 60 player multiplayer. They b1tch about it. They bash R&C: Quest for Booty because it was 4 hours long, even though it was a $15 downloadable game. This really pisses me off.

It seems like everyone is an enemy of progress but I know it'll all be over soon. PS3 will reach $300 or less by next year and Blu-ray will have a much higher market penetration. 360 will not hold its lead forever. I wonder what the biased media will do when the majority of their readers are PS3 owners.

barom3621d ago

I disagree with their whole club/park analogy. Didn't make any sense at all. The biggest reason why Xbox 360 has that online community is that they came first to the market. A lot of people bought a 360, spread the word about how great Live is and thus the community came to. Had PS3 came first or even in the same year as X360, I'm confident PSN would have been quite healthy, maybe even more so than X360.

Also in reality, I've seen a lot more assholes on Live. Not because that's a fact, but because they are more noticable thanks to the mentioned headset included with most X360s. People on PSN don't talk that much and so I rarely hear anyone talk trash.

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SL1M DADDY3621d ago

PSN enables me to play games online and is free.

XBL enables me to play online and is 50 bucks a year.

See, there is only one thing I ask for when it comes to online gaming and the services that bring me online gaming. So the score sits nicely at:

PSN - 1
XBL - 0

Both great services but one is free.

y0haN3620d ago

I genuinely agree with 1.0

Home will be a good piece of software but I agree with the people in the video, the novelty of going into a game to play a game to play with friends will die quickly. We need a more unified service, with cross-game invites, and a better messaging system.

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N4PS3G3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Home was compared to playing with Barbies? .. rofl

damn ..thats was harsh for Home ..they're literally tearing it apart :S

ultimolu3621d ago


Do you even know what Home is?

N4PS3G3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

amm a Barbie Doll Social Network Application? just kidding

amm well ..yeah it that hard to know what home is?

or are you going to try and enlight me on how home is a social netwrok application and try to make it look very complex when its actually not?

Raoh3621d ago


i can understand the other two peoples points but pachter is just done.

the economy has hurt him more than he has hurt himself.

for instance. i can get the woman, dont know her name right now, saying she just wants to get in and play. valid argument.

the other guy with the striped shirt. seems more hopeful but is no longer going to take sony for their words he wants to see them deliver.

pacther used to defend sony. he is a analyst for a financial company. now that the economy is down, he is siding with a company who's stock is down but their overall outlook is till strong (microsoft that is).

pacther is worse than a fanboy now, a fanboy believes in his console. pachter is just riding the wave of financial direction.

with that out of the way. they are not looking at something sony needs to deliver. events and content. its not about going to your apartment only. its also about an online world. for instance (if sony is smart they are doing this and at TGS they showed that they could) not only could you stream events like E3 and TGS to the HOME theater, you can create a virtual replica of E3 and TGS with booths that you can access. they did that in TGS and they should have opened it up the beta testers.

sony needs to stop dropping hints and just drop the content. with a movie and music company at its disposal they should be ready with SONY BMG and SONY Pictures exclusive content for HOME.

blah blah blah, i'm not trying to defend a product thats not out, and i can understand the panels skepticism, i'm just tired of Pachter.

i know why you wear that suit pachter. you could loose your job at any moment and your in interview ready mode.

he admittedly doesnt play games. look into the product he discusses. yes considers himself a reliable source. (this time he said he doesnt play on PSN, check back a few months ago and further, he said the same thing about XBL and Wii)

psnDevistator3563621d ago

That idiot finally broke the line this time with his bias remarks.

Really you got to be an idiot not to see the potential in home. Oh its also FREE.

If you want to find people who aren't assholes, that you want to play
a specific game with.

Really this filters out the annoying 12yr olds.



ruibing3621d ago

I used to like his input, but I think this discussion highlights some problems. Making the assumption, with absolutely no empirical data to back it up, that only a million PS3 users play games online is pretty low for a professional analyst.

Rhythmattic3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Pacther..... He is a KNOB.

Kain813621d ago

very biased in my opinion

Firstkn1ghT3621d ago

and the excuses continue and continue....haha

ultimolu3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Oh, and what those excuses might be Knight? the cowardly role Knight. Slam disagree button and run off.

Bodhi3621d ago

Um, ultimolu? Are you asking FirstKnight to a duel?

They're not biased, they're looking for problems with new features, if you watched the first part, you'd know this.

Ignorance is bliss...

ultimolu3621d ago

"They're not biased, they're looking for problems with new features, if you watched the first part, you'd know this."

And I'm the first female president of the United States.

You didn't need to hear the biased attitude. You could practically smell it.

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pwnsause3621d ago

watching that just made me vomit.

Chubear3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

All I kept saying through that segment was "WOW!.. WOW!!...JUST WOW!!..WOW!!" lol

I mean this was GT's versions of gamespot's "10 reasons NOT to buy a PS3" back in early 2007 XD. MS is really pushing hard but I know they're going to fail miserably and every single one of these gaming sites that have outright dogged Sony's PS3 product will all do 180, two-faced turn arounds by Christmas 09 or '10.

It's a damned shame what MS has turned this industry into and even more of a shame how easily they put the gaming media in their back pockets and pimped them like that shameless hoes they've shown they are.

thenickel3621d ago

No it's a dang shame how Sony was going to destroy the industry and a blessing ho MS came into the mix and pushed things forward. Also Sony had the media in there pocket last year so whats your point. I'm very greatful MS step in because PS2 or dreamcast visuals just were not good enough.