Playstation 4 emulator for the PC, GPCS4, boots and runs a commercial game for the first time

DSOGaming writes: "According to its creator, GPCS4 can finally render a 2D image demo. Moreover, GPCS4 can boot the twin-stick shooter for Playstation 4, We Are Doomed. Not only that, but the emulator can... wait for it... actually run the game."

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mathews71039d ago

10 year later 2030 - ps4 emulator games = ingame (half playable. no start to finish)

Movefasta19931039d ago

no need when all those ps4 games will be in some way playable on pc, and streaming will have improved tremendously in a decade.

Babadook71039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

And all those streamed games are running on rented Ps4 hardware.

Movefasta19931039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

as long as they play and beat it babadook that's irrelevant.

SierraGuy1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

How can you be so sure streaming will have improved tremendously in a decade?

I don't notice much difference from 2010 to now.🤔

SierraGuy1039d ago

Yes I agree...but this must be done for game preservation.

KwietStorm_BLM1039d ago

"How can you be so sure streaming will have improved tremendously in a decade?

I don't notice much difference from 2010 to now"

Really now? Google Stadia and xCloud didn't even exist in 2010, and they're both up and running full retail AAA games today at high quality. You really haven't noticed 'much difference' between then and now?

King_Noctis1039d ago

I believe it will be faster than that though. Tech advances really quick nowadays, and pretty soon we might have consumer CPUs/GPUs that have enough grunt to emulate this system.

mkis0071039d ago

I feel like console emulators are now just a project people can flex their coding muscles on rather than being a legit way to preserve or emulate said console. By the time ps3 and ps4 is 100% there will be a better, cheaper solution in place.

ShadowWolf7121038d ago

What's a better, cheaper solution than downloading freeware and ripping your own games?

mkis0071038d ago

Not having to buy an i7 and a high end card to play a handful of games with poor performance. Its only a matter of time before official emulation happens.

ShadowWolf7121037d ago

"Official" Emulation?

Which would require, what... buying new hardware anyway?

On top of that, the PS4 is an x86 machine with very few truly "custom" parts, emulating it likely won't require much by way of "brute force" unlike the specialized consoles of old.

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rataranian1039d ago

Ill play it eventually when it runs fine. And the PS5 will run ps4 games. But I wont ever sell my PS4 because my mom bought it for me as a bday present.

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