Shaun White's Snowboarding - Hour Play Review - Pushing Play writes "Hour Play is a review format that looks at the introduction of a game rather than the game in it's entirety. In Hour Play we judge the game based strictly on an hour of gameplay, not including cut-scenes, menus, or character customization.

I really wanted to like Shaun White's Snowboarding, which was released today for the 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, and PC. After Skate revolutionized skateboarding games with it's intuitive and realistic gameplay, I wanted Ubisoft to do the same for the snowboarding genre. After all, it had been almost a decade since I spent an entire summer playing 1080 Snowboarding and Cool Boarders 3. That summer ultimately led to me buying a snowboard and having one of the most painful winters of my lifetime. And while that painful winter may have caused me to sell my snowboard and vow never to return to any snowladen hill for recreation again, I was eager to return to the less bruise inducing digital version of the sport."

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The Matrix3624d ago

If anyone plans on getting this game get it at Target. They have a limited edition with a whole other mountain and a ton of other bonus stuff. Why Target you say? Because Target sponsors shaun white.