Aerith's Voice Actress Reacting to the Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Is Very Wholesome

The talented voice actress that plays Aerith Gainsborough in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake has reacted to the latest theme song trailer and it's so wholesome.

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greysun123234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

she fits the character of Aerith so well

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NecrumOddBoy233d ago

She has no clue what is going on in FF7. Clearly an actress who doesn't understand or appreciate the source material.

StoneyYoshi233d ago

How can you tell? Im pretty sure when you are voicing or acting in something, you are required to understand the source material to understand how to properly perform in scenes/situations. Just cause she didn't play the game before acting in this doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the game or source material.

I never fully played through the original game but played crisis core, and loved Advent Children (I know AC takes place after the original game). However, i did play the FF7 demo back in the day a ton but I just never ended up getting it.

Basically what Im getting at is you don't need to fully understand whats going on to appreciate something. Im crazy excited to finally get engrossed into the original story once this game comes out!

xTonyMontana233d ago

Personally I think reaction videos are the lowest form of youtube content but you can tell she knew what she was watching at least. She was just overacting like they do in reaction videos.

Redrex7000232d ago

not all who do parts for big characters like this know
the source material which should be fine
as long as the creator know wtf they doing

bluefox755234d ago

I subbed to her on youtube a few years ago, she started out doing lets plays with her brother, but she barely uploads anymore.

greysun123234d ago

She just started a replay of FF7 but she might not play it all the way through

bluefox755234d ago

Certainly not before the remake comes out, lol. She started a God of War playthrough almost 2 years ago and still hasn't finished, lol. A shame, she could have had a way more successful youtube career, but it looks like she's doing just fine outside of youtube, so good on her I guess.

AnotherGamer234d ago

Keep in mind she was away voicing the FF7 Remake and needed to keep it a secret.

greysun123234d ago

Yeah it must have been hard to not tell the world!

greysun123234d ago

Lol it's basically Kingdom Hearts again

jznrpg234d ago

She has a good voice for Aerith . The game looks sick

zacfoldor234d ago (Edited 234d ago )


Exvalos234d ago

She needs to get into modeling

Gardenia234d ago Show
jznrpg234d ago

It seems she’s doing well with what she is doing and modeling isn’t for everyone .

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