The Nintendo Switch Needs Zelda Remasters

The Nintendo Switch Needs Zelda Remasters - The Legend of Zelda is a storied Nintendo franchise, and more remasters would capitalize on its success.

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PhoenixUp63d ago

Switch needs remasters of GameCube, Wii, & 3DS games in general

zacfoldor63d ago

Yes, I've been asking for this for a while now. Please give us Zelda remasters!

meatnormous63d ago

Wii U has had them for awhile now and it still failed. I bought one and was very happy with it. You should have bought a wii u

GtPawnSacrifices63d ago

Plugged mine in the other weekend actually. Wind Waker holds up pretty good on WiiU
Tho would love to see the 3DS Version of OoT come to switch.

XBox4eva6963d ago

I can't play a Wii U on the train.

FinalFantasyFanatic63d ago

I'd really like Skyward Sword and Twillight Princess, although I already have them both on Wii, I'd like to have them on the Switch, I already have Ocarina of Time on 3DS, still have to get Majora's Mask at some point.

NecrumOddBoy63d ago

Would love it if they put A Link between Worlds on Switch to start. I feel like this system is perfect for keeping the history of Nintendo active but they are dragging their asses.

AK9163d ago

Along with the Metroid Prime trilogy

ArmyVetGamer63d ago

Ayyyye... this guy gets it

Im hoping before the release of MP4.

Wasnt there a rumor... or fact, these games are already done for the switch and just kind of waiting in limbo

Xaevi63d ago

Still waiting for the ports of the two already remastered for the Wii U. However if they decide to charge full price for them individually then they can keep em.

Donnie8163d ago

I would enjoy a few more Zelda games

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The story is too old to be commented.