PALGN: eGames 2008: Kid's Report

PALGN writes: "While our daily reports have been sifting through the titles on display that piqued the interest of the older audience at the eGames 2008 Expo, PALGN thought that we should also show our appreciation for the many kid-centric and family friendly titles that were on display.

Not surprisingly, the strongest contingent of children's titles came out of the Nintendo camp. While a majority of the Nintendo DS titles on display were old favourites like Brain Training and Nintendogs, the Nintendo Wii introduced a strong collection of children's titles. The biggest attraction for the Wii was High School Musical 3: Dance, which is no big surprise considering the phenomenal following that the Disney franchise has established over the last few years. Many children scrambled to get a closer look at the title not only for its gameplay, but because it incorporated segments of the film, allowing kids to get a sneak peek of the plot of the upcoming film."

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