Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Still Happening?

The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3's ReMind DLC is leading fans to believe development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not actually dead.

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-Foxtrot64d ago

I wish

Like, honestly, if they didn't do ANY of the DLC stuff for FFXV and just decided to put their resources into making a game where the events of FFXV played out completely different in an alternative world, with the game also hinting at other Final Fantasy games having their own universe (like the multiverse) it could have been great.

Rebrand the game Final Fantasy XV: Versus

UltraNova64d ago

I thought Versus(formerly a PlayStation exclusive) was scraped and its assets absorbed into FFXV...

-Foxtrot64d ago

It was but what’s the point your making

There’s a ton of things cut from Versus and the battle system seemed faster as well

It was a completely different game

UltraNova64d ago


My point is Versus as concept and a game is done, its over.

KingKelloggTheWH64d ago

Not quite.

Many if the names and character designs seem to be the primary thing it took, as well as some character relations.

If you check the story bits from versus trailers and compare them to Xv, it is pretty obvious they completely changed it

Teflon0263d ago

Vsxiii battle system looked like a more action styled battle system. While it looked good. The main complaint outside that horrible chapter and missing parts to the story was it’s action styled system. That should be even worse vsxiii isn’t happening and ppl are silly to even remotely believe it’s coming back. It wouldn’t even be the same vs13

rainslacker63d ago

A lot of the original ffxiii lore that versus was based on still exists in fox. At least in the main game, not sure about the dlc. That lore was never fully explored in ffxiii's main story, so it may not have been as obvious. If you consider the extended, or mutilated lore of the sequels, then yeah, it's a different game.

I think the biggest change to make it into a new ff15 was the relationship of the characters to the world of death, as that was a pretty strong theme of 13, but nonexistent in 15.

Otherwise, yeah, much of the design, and I'd imagine a good number of the assets were taken from versus.

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wwinterj63d ago

Verum Rex is in Kingdom Hearts 3. Yozora being a secret boss was inevitable. Although Verum Rex has a lot of things that looks like versus XII did and Nomura can't seem to let it go Verum Rex also has a lot that's different. For reference:

Logyoof63d ago

Let it die. We don't want leftovers.

-Foxtrot63d ago

We got left overs with FF15 so...

Stopac63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


What? FF15 is still FF15 regardless if its the original legacy game or the reboot. The reboot is part of the LORE. Its not left over, its the same setting, eorzea, and same continuation from point A.

If you were a legacy account, meaning you played the original game, the NPCs would literally recognize you towards the of ARR.

Versus wasn't even completed. A lot of it was scrapped and rehashed into a different story entirely. Even the main female lead got replaced.

Ratty63d ago

@Stopac you seem to have XIV and XV mixed up.

Harkins172163d ago

Nomura wont let it go. Its happening.

Stopac63d ago (Edited 63d ago )



omg I’m sorry I dunno why you’re getting downvoted. You’re absolutely right! I’m sorry I’m tired.

Y’all need to upvote that man. I’m a dumbus.

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64d ago
AnotherProGamer63d ago

I wouldn't dismiss it so fast, leaker who said there was going to be a Versus XIII world in Kingdom Hearts 3 before it was revealed said Final Fantasy Versus XV is in development and that its going for Nomuras original vision of the game

and the leak was years ago

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