The Ugly Truth About EA's Sudden Nintendo Switch Love-Fest

Here's the ugly truth about EA's sudden U-turn on the Nintendo Switch, a console it has never believed in. Until now.

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Neonridr58d ago

It's no surprise. Plenty of 3rd party studios that traditionally ignored Nintendo (especially during the Wii U days) find themselves in a position where the strength of the Switch is getting near impossible to ignore. We are seeing devs putting out games we never thought possible before because they are actually taking the time to optimize their games. EA is desperately trying to figure out how they can get a bigger piece of the pie. The fact that we haven't seen Madden or NHL show up on the system is strange considering FIFA still sells relatively good for them overall.

UltraNova58d ago

They gotta make back all that lost MT money they lost from SW:B 2, Anthem, SW:FO(single player) somehow right?

_SilverHawk_58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The switch is weak and cant handle games from this generation so a lot of development team dont feel like drastically compromising their game to be on switch. Just look at the witcher 3, doom and the very few third party games on the switch and youd see games with a lot of details missing, bad graphics that are way below the quality that's on other platforms with a lot of performance issues. Unless you're a child where you play with whatever your parents or guardian gives you or just an ignorant fanboy why would you want to play such an inferior version of a game that you can play elsewhere with better graphics and performance.

Some silly people constantly complain about EA and others for not wanting there games on the switch or any other Nintendo product when they know the games quality will be drastically lower than other gaming system and a lot of people may ignore the worst version of a game if they know they can play the same game on a console that costs less but performs and look a lot better. The reason why a lot of switch owners want a more powerful switch is because the switch now suffers from a lot of performance issues and bad graphics in a lot of games. I cant think about any switch game that doesnt have performance issues but a lot of switch owners will lie and tell you their version of games and switch looks and performs flawlessly.

58d ago
TheRealTedCruz58d ago


"whatever your parents or guardian gives you or just an ignorant fanboy why would you want to play such an inferior version of a game that you can play elsewhere with better graphics and performance."

The Switch is a handheld, for all internet and purpose. THAT is the main reason for its lack of performance. I can't take my PS4 with me. I can't take my Xbox with me. Stop with the childish rants about the "kids" system.

Reefskye58d ago

SW:FO is a success from EA it has sold over 8 millions copies even EA are surprised its done so much money, the only person who doesn't give a shit is the CEO Andrew "lootbox" Wilson he only cares about fifa as its ultimate team is his baby when he was ex producer at fifa in 09

Nitrox58d ago


So you would agree then, switch should no longer be compared to PlayStation/Xbox when it comes to sales & exclusives? It’s not like 3ds was discussed as a competitor to the home consoles. Why should we have a double standard.

TheRealTedCruz58d ago


Lol. So because I note that the thing is a handheld when discussing its performance that then gets thrown into the conversation of sales because, quite apparently, the fact it's the fastest selling game system at the moment is a sour fact for you, or you wouldn't be bringing it up.

I'll stick with my personal view of "I don't care either way". If the thing sold 50 million, 500 million, or 5, the fact doesn't bother me, as it does you.

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Fist4achin58d ago

From an EA business standpoint, I get the reluctance, but it is just that that can also hurt/kill a system. If the games don't come to a system, then people won't buy it.

rainslacker58d ago

EA was an early supporter of the wiiU, and they did publish a number of games on the Wii and the 3ds. I think their reluctance early on with the switch had more to do with how poorly their early software sold on the wiiU. They took more of a wait and see approach, and now that the system is going strong, and has strong software sales numbers, it's less of a risk for them to port or make games for the system.

It's not really rocket science. EA is all about the numbers with their business decisions.

King_Noctis58d ago

All EA cares about is money, and if the Switch make them money, you can bet EA will hop on its train in a heartbeat.

StarLink58d ago

When games like Battlefield, Star Wars, Titanfall, the really big demanding games come to Switch then that's when the phrase "EA's sudden Nintendo Switch love fest" will make sense.

Imortus_san58d ago

Sales, they smell a profit.

RabbitFly58d ago

What is this.. I would not call it an article. Not even worth being called an editorial.

If you are going to make an opinion-piece, at least try to make it interesting to read.

Calling out a Company for only making games for a console now that it is showing potential to be proffitable is Just childish. And pretending like this is the worst thing EA has done is beyond hyperbolic.

Spenok58d ago

Right? They're a business, of course they're going to try and capitalize on a business opportunity.

If we're going to be mad at EA for doing this, we need to be mad at every business for doing... business.

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