A Decade Later Mass Effect 2 Remains a Masterpiece - The Joy of Gaming

This week on The Joy of Gaming, Nate takes a look back at Mass Effect 2 a decade after release, explaining why it's a masterpiece.

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chrisx64d ago

Masterpiece is a valid definition of this game.

Thunder_G0d_Bane62d ago

I still think Mass Effect 1 was better.

chrisx62d ago

Im curious as to why you think so.

Thunder_G0d_Bane62d ago

It felt so much more like an RPG I think a lot of that was slowly stripped out in Mass Effect 2 and went more of an action adventure route.

A lot of the decisions you make in Mass effect 1 also didn't really materalise to much in Mass effect 2 like when you chose to kill or free the queen alien. Or the death or life of Wrex still meant he never would be part of your team regardless. I felt quite disappointed with these aspects in Mass Effect 2.

littletad64d ago

I dived back in both of these games, Mass Effect 2 and 3. For me personally, 3 was better in most ways. I think part 2 is more loved because of simplicity. You could sweep an entire room and find all items and move onto the next objective. And you never worried about complex upgrades. You simply found a new weapon and that was it. Mass Effect 3 was a bit overwhelming with its features and upgrades. Then the ending, of course, deserves its own conversation. Story-wise, 3 is far better, as 2 is simply a suicide mission of one event that was simply extended from the original. You could say that the first Mass Effect had a complete story and didn't need to be expanded upon, but the popularity was too much. Either way, the trilogy is simply amazing and I really hope they do a remake.

giovonni62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I agree with most of what you said. However, I felt 2 was a much more complete story because it was more character driven. Where you had the choice of getting to know your crew with backed story missions, upgrades, and choices that all effected the outcome of the story. Two also expanded exploration. I felt like two was the much more all around complete version of the series, where as three tried to do the same, but took a step back with the mechanics, and put a much more focus on online play. Remember, the online play was one of the major focus of achieving a higher chance of winning in the main story.

littletad62d ago

Yea, I heard about that. Playing it years later, you don't sandwiched into the trap of buying online passes or forced into online play. However, I was extremely pissed when I found out one achievement is tied to online play. Looks like Mass effect 3 will be the only game in the trilogy I don't 100% complete.

Godmars29064d ago

ME2 was the beginning of the end of storytelling in games as far as I'm concerned. Was more about character presentation, showing players characters they'd like, than interaction with the overall setting.

DragonWarrior1962d ago

It was a great game but certainly not a master piece. It took away a lot of what fans loved about ME1 and it really was the start the modern day soulless Bioware. It's still a great game and that introduction to the game still shocks me every time.