12 must-play games you slept on in 2019

AppTrigger: "The early portion of the year is pretty slow for new game releases, so here are 12 sleeper-hit games from 2019 that you should definitely play now."

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Terry_B627d ago

Samuari Shodown (2019) - Are yuo okieeeeee?

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DarkZane627d ago

I tried playing Dauntless, I really tried, but the framerate is so bad that it often freeze because it drops to 1fps.

PoSTedUP627d ago

Yeah I played for about 45 seconds and then deleted it.

KaiPow627d ago

Still holding out hope that the Grandia collection makes its way onto PS4/Xbox One.

william_cade627d ago

click-fest. Writing is supposed to helpful to the reader not a tedious advert circle jerk.

Outlawzz627d ago

Only 12 ? I missed hundreds in 2019. Come on now at least be more accurate

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