12 must-play games you slept on in 2019

AppTrigger: "The early portion of the year is pretty slow for new game releases, so here are 12 sleeper-hit games from 2019 that you should definitely play now."

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Terry_B1621d ago

Samuari Shodown (2019) - Are yuo okieeeeee?

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DarkZane1620d ago

I tried playing Dauntless, I really tried, but the framerate is so bad that it often freeze because it drops to 1fps.

PoSTedUP1620d ago

Yeah I played for about 45 seconds and then deleted it.

KaiPow1620d ago

Still holding out hope that the Grandia collection makes its way onto PS4/Xbox One.

william_cade1620d ago

click-fest. Writing is supposed to helpful to the reader not a tedious advert circle jerk.

Outlawzz1620d ago

Only 12 ? I missed hundreds in 2019. Come on now at least be more accurate

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Grandia HD Collection Review | TheXboxHub

Review - Grandia HD Collection on Xbox may not appeal to everyone, but those drawn to it will find this to be a great package.

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Michiel198974d ago

I assume there is a pc version of this? Never got to play these games back in the day so it's tempting to try them out now.

FinalFantasyFanatic73d ago

It exists, doesn't work on Steam Deck though, which is a pity, I've had the PC versions since release.


Grandia HD Collection Review – Timeless Classics, Poor Porting Work [PSLegends]

Angelus Victor said: The 90s and 2000s era of gaming is both nostalgic and underrated at the same time. So many series got their start, not knowing how the future of gaming would be back in day. Well,nostalgia is definitely the king, so it’s not uncommon to see old games remastered in HD so that you can play them on your modern console. Now, does Grandia HD Collection live up to the expectations? Well, it’s complicated.

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gold_drake99d ago

and this after the director said that "they'd "have to make 4k textures if it were ever to come to playstation and others"

shinoff218398d ago

I'm still buying Physically. Nice to get these older games on modern consoles. I'm not overly worried about 60fps 4k resolutions and all that if I'm being honest.


Grandia HD Collection Review -- Take Me Back to Halcyon Days | The Nerd Stash

The Nerd Stash: "NPCs are assets, not obstacles in the Grandia HD Collection. The music is beautiful but used as a backdrop, allowing you to focus on the game's diverse worlds. Characters from each game are charming, with the first game having a better protagonist, and the second having a superior supporting cast. The battle systems are still unique to this day, and these games are now fully democratized to all of the major home gaming markets. It's timeless for connoisseurs of the classics, and essential for those seeking a truly unique JRPG."

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shinoff2183106d ago

Don't forget. Buy the physical of this. It'll be worth it in the end.

jznrpg106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Going to order it now. I own the Switch version but I’d rather have it on PlayStation

gold_drake99d ago

no, hard disagree.

the physical is double the price.

shinoff218398d ago

It's 40 bucks digital 15 extra for physical. I'm confused by the half