Nintendo Goes Deeper Into Microtransactions With Fire Emblem Heroes Monthly Pass

Fire Emblem Heroes celebrated its third anniversary by announcing a paid subscription pass, and the perks edge closely to pay-to-win.

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Servbot41435d ago

How long until this garbage infects their console releases?

King_Noctis435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Try “never”. Nintendo has stated multiple time that their main console business is separated from their mobile one. All of these mobile games don’t even come from Nintendo themselves, it is DeNA (the corporation that specializes in making blood-sucking MT games) that is making them.

Shiken435d ago

No sooner than Sony or MS doing it.

Cmv38435d ago

2022 would my guess for the first sign of it

Sgt_Slaughter435d ago

Never, they'd shoot themselves in the foot. Microsoft's pretty much the reason we have paid DLC and things like this in the first place, if you want to look at any console maker who would do this stuff.

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Takwin435d ago

Played this game as a F2P and have an amazingly good army for F2P, but this shit is unacceptable. I plan to only log in and get my free rewards in a few seconds, but honestly, might stop that. This is atrocious.

CrimsonWing69435d ago

Who the hell would do a monthly pass to a mobile game!? Like geezus I don’t even do that with regular games.

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