4 Reasons The N64 Controller Is The Most Important Of All Time

BY JOHN SANTINA: The N64’s ‘Trident’ controller introduced innovations that would be imitated for years to come. But, is it the Most Important Controller of All Time?

Well, yes, actually.

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Tross59d ago

Eh...yes and no. It's hard to say if the Sony would have created the Dualshock for the original PlayStation had the N64 not proven how useful a joystick can be for 3D games, but it's not as though it was the first system to use a joystick and I'm sure Sony or MS would have thought of the idea eventually regardless. Sony did it better though by having two sticks, both of which were better designed.

Rumble...maybe? That's another feature that I believe was added with the Dualshock and wasn't in the original PlayStation controller, but don't quote me on that. Sony definitely did it better though by just having the rumble feature built into the controller.

The original Dualshock was, IMHO, way more influential. It's what future controllers took inspiration from. The two sticks, when added to the original controller that already had four triggers, two handles, etc paved the way for not only future Dualshocks, but other controllers by both MS and Nintendo themselves too. There has been experimentation with things like the placement of the left stick (which one could maybe argue is MS's big contribution), but it all still builds on the foundation laid down by the Dualshock. If it truly borrowed anything from the N64 controller, it did it better.

There actually is a case for the NES and SNES controllers having a significant influence on controllers to come. Nintendo certainly isn't void of their influence and I think those two controllers are also among the most influential of all time. If I were to pick the best examples of Nintendo's influence on controllers, I would pick those two. The NES controller has the d-pad on the left, the face buttons on the right, and start and select in the middle. The SNES controller adds two more face buttons and shoulder buttons, as well as a form that more closely resembles controllers that would come later (even if it's Sony who who would then build on it while Nintendo went in another direction).

Fraggle198759d ago

Yeah the dualshock is the most important controller of all time. Everything from its general shape and features have been what modern controllers have emulated for game generations.

lptmg59d ago

the general shape came from the SNES controller to be honest

FallenAngel198459d ago

Sony had an analog stick controller before Nintendo did believe it or not in the PlayStation Analog Joystick, predecessor to the Dual Analog Controller and subsequent DualShock controllers.

PlayStation Analog Joystick was unveiled in August 1995 and released in April 1996.

Nintendo 64 controller was unveiled in November 1995 and released in June 1996.

Nintendo’s controller deservedly gets the credit for how influential Super Mario 64 was built around the analog stick.

BlackTar18758d ago

It was amazing for goldeneye too. The strafe once you got good was amazing