Nintendo 3DS may be in its twilight, but software sales are still relatively strong

Ever since the launch of Nintendo Switch almost three years ago, the 3DS has been in a gradual decline. Not only is the 3DS aging – it was first released in 2011 – the Switch is now the de facto Nintendo handheld. Still, the system has clung to life.

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Bigman4k59d ago

I will continue play my 3DS until it stops working

Fist4achin59d ago

Stay strong my little 3ds. Im still rocking mine!

Pego59d ago

I think the 3DS can last for 5-10 more years.

TeamIcoFan59d ago

The little handheld that could.

isarai59d ago

Ive had mine for like a year and every game i got for it turns out to be meh, i just have bad luck picking games for this thing. Anyone know any good action RPGs that aren't Zelda. Preferably not turn based.

Bigman4k59d ago

Idk what to tell you because 3ds haves alot good games maybe you not good at playing video games 🤷‍♂️

isarai59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I dont have an issue playing the games, the ones i end up getting are just not very fun. I should add i am excluding the obvious Nintendo made games like mario/zelda/metroid etc. Ive already played all those (which is why im askin to not include those in recommendations) and they were great, but like the wii and DS there's a ton of games and a lot of chaff to sift through to find the gems. So im asking if anyone knows of any

Nebaku58d ago

Tales of the Abyss. I haven't played the 3ds version, but from what I understand it's a straight port of the ps2 entry. And that entry is one of the best action rpg's you'll find imo. Highly addicting battle system that is basically a 2d fighter put into a 3d rpg, and the story, while heavily anime trope-ish, is well told with memorable characters and plot points.

IOnlyPlayMh58d ago

I only play monster hunter. Whole reason I got a 3ds. Really good games.

58d ago
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