XboxAddict: Fallout 3 Review

XboxAddict writes: "It's ironic that there can be a beauty in absolute and total destruction, and Fallout 3, the newest open-ended role-playing game from Bethesda Softworks, has forsaken the lush forests, ornate castles and moody caverns and dungeons of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to dazzle us with a world in complete ruin. Sequel to the two PC role playing games developed by Black Isle Studios, Fallout 3 brings the popular franchise to Xbox 360 as well as bringing the game into full-3d and first-person, putting you in the boots of a man (or woman) left to trek through the atomic destruction of a post-world-war-three Washington, D.C. Bethesda reinvented the game from the ground up, bringing back the same first-or-third-person perspective to the gameplay that they perfected in Oblivion, and seamlessly integrating the combat mechanics, storyline, and very mature flavour of the Fallout games. Fallout 3 is a role-playing game which offers you complete freedom – there is a storyline to follow, quests to perform and missions to complete, but at the same time there's a full twenty square miles of post-apocalyptic city ruin and scorched wasteland to explore and eke out an existence in. And the game – both the main story, and incidental encounters – will adapt to your choices and actions in the game, depending on whether you play the part of hero, villain, or a careful treading of the fine line between the two."

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