Xbox Game Pass Losing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and 4 Other Games

There's currently five games listed as "leaving soon." These games include: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Rage, Pumped BMX Pro, The Jackbox Party Pack 2, and Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

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darthv721335d ago

Out with the old, in with the new.

I like that they rotate games and sometimes the one on the outs get put into GwG for those who arent GP members.

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SyntheticForm1334d ago

This is what Game Pass is.

The people pretending that games leaving the service is bad or wrong are disingenuous trolls and poor ones at that. The only thing that was 'spun' here was negativity born out of tribalism or hatred for Xbox and Microsoft.

Enjoying the service and currently playing Children of Morta and enjoying it.

kreate1334d ago

Late commenter here but does anyone know when "soon" is? I'll do the $1 dollar gamepass just to play shadow of the tomb raider. But I need about a week to beat it.

Kornholic1333d ago

How on earth can a diminishing game library be a good thing?

KillBill1333d ago

Same people that lauded PS Now for including AAA titles for only a few months go crazy when a game that has been on GamePass for much longer is finally replaced.



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CaptainHenry9161334d ago

I'm glad gamepass is cheap in PC

Dragonborn123451334d ago

Next Gen, best way is to own a PS5, Switch and a Pc.(Gamepass on Pc)

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Az1ner1334d ago

Naw, series X, switch, ps5. Don't speak for everyone.

Donnie811334d ago

Why own a ps5 if you can play all PlayStation games on pc?

MasterCornholio1334d ago


"Why own a ps5 if you can play all PlayStation games on pc?"

You would need a pretty powerful PC to emulate a PS5. That isn't feasible for most people.

Stevonidas1334d ago

You could BUY a PS5, SeX, Switch, and new OLED TV with HDR for less than the cost of a top-end gaming PC.

RedDevils1333d ago

@Donnie81 You're a clown. When someone said the xsx games can be play on PC, you think it cool to say PS5 games can be play on PC. When you know fully well maybe a really old games from Playstation might be available on PC. While games on xsx will likely be on PC first day release.

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crazyCoconuts1334d ago

Agreed. They list the $5 as introductory price but it's very reasonable

crazyCoconuts1334d ago

PS Now is listing the expiry dates for the games that cycle out on their marketing page now - nice to see that transparency. I would hate having to schedule which game I play based on when they're leaving but I guess you at least know in advance.

Daz1334d ago

Well gampass has a leaving soon to so could play them first.

Christopher1334d ago

Yeah, but that's usually only a one week or so notice. PSNow does do it from the get-go. I would much prefer GamePass copy Sony on that the same way Sony copied downloading games to PS4 for PSNow.

KillBill1333d ago

@Christoper - you are usually notified at the beginning of the month on what games are leaving at the end of the month.

PS Now does list when their games will leave but they have such a limited time on many of their bigger titles that it is relatively pointless for the service at times. I mean 'Horizon Zero Dawn' and 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' were just added January 2020 and will be gone after first week in April. Wow... games that are 2 1/2 - 3 years old and they only get a small 4 month window?

Persona 5 was another recent addition that only saw a 4 month window. What is up with their 4 month window on bigger games? And why are they showing PUBG leaving in March 2020? Isn't that a free to play game???

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SyntheticForm1334d ago

That extra transparency is convenient.

I'd like to see Game Pass do the same thing and inform us of exactly how long we have to play.

Tedakin1334d ago

These games were up for over a year. If you didn't play it in that year, well...

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neutralgamer19921334d ago

Legit question why do games leave psn now and gamepass? Like Xbox live and playstation market place why can't both sony and ms keep the games and keep adding more?

Vanfernal1334d ago

My guess is some accord with the developers. I would think they give x amount of money to have the game on Game Pass and possibly some royalties when people play those games but eventually that deal expires.

The Wood1334d ago

Licensing agreements maybe or maybe each service doesn't want to keep giving them their cuts for an ever growing library. Think of it like this. 20 games get a cut of £$x. now add 20 more games. . Now each have to get a cut out of the same £$x. Someone somewhere has to lose out

rainslacker1334d ago

They pay the publishers to be able to offer them on the service. They set this time in advance. Keeping them on there would mean having to keep paying the publishers a recurring charge, and eventually it would end up being a lot of money being paid out than they're bringing in.

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NeoGamer2321334d ago

I think it depends on the agreement with the publisher/developer.

Some games are probably licensed to the service for a certain period of time at a certain fixed dollar amount. Thus an expiry.

Others may be licensed based on how many times they are downloaded or hours played so their expiry date does not matter.

Christopher1334d ago

Games on rental services, much like programs on Netflix or Amazon Prime, are leased to the company for a period of time. In order to keep them there they would have to be re-leased. Oftentimes that's not worthy it as they would rather spend that money on other games rather than keeping the same games on there forever without much change.

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