BC Gaming iPhone Game Review: 21 Pro: Blackjack

BC Gaming writes: "Are you interested in playing blackjack on your iPhone? Do you want to hone your skills before your trip to Vegas or Dubai? Are you interested in learning how to play one of the most addictive gambling games of all time? Finally, are you interested in doing all of this without risking any money, or even paying anything to learn it? If so, then the new application from Avalinx is the application for you.

21 Pro: Blackjack - Sponsored is a new application which allows you to play one of the classic casino games on your iPhone. Play against the house while you attempt to earn as many pixilated chips as you can. With control over the finest details of the game - from the looks of the table and cards, to the rules that the house plays by, to the payout for blackjack - you can get this game to be pretty close to your ideal experience. 21 Pro: Blackjack - Sponsored can do all of this and more, either for free (with a few ads before each new game) or for $4.99. Try the application out at the iTunes store today!"

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