XBL Radio ver 36.0

-Behind the Mullet. A new gaming documentary called Chasing Ghosts.
-NintendoWorld. The Six Flags and Nintendo Tie-In.
-Nelson and Natalie from Planet360 stop by for a chat.

-Guitar Hero and the co-op rock-out.
-BIO Shock to ship minus multi-player.
-Nintendo releases Mario Kart 64. Minus a demo but plus the fun.

Carpal and ToG, review LOST PLANET!GAME REVIEW:
-Lost Planet from Capcom: Join Carpal and TOG as they put on their snow-shoes and bear the frozen tundra of the Lost Planet. Bugs, Battles, and Bosses. Everything you need in an FPS, with an added bonus… a PLOT.

-An XBLRview with rep. Jack Simon. The scoop on how Lost Planet came into our Solar System.
-Marketplace Minute®: This week GUI J does the minutes Commando Style… errr, I mean Contra Style.
-Console Crimes®.
-Useless Tips®.
-Another XBLR Givaway and more…

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