EA Details Vince Zampella’s New Role; Hopes Respawn Found that “We’re Actually Not bad People”

During Electronic Arts’ quarterly conference call, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen talked Respawn Entertainment and Vince Zampella's new role.

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Knightofelemia500d ago

*cough cough* Bullshit you say that now until your original staff leaves, produce crappy games, and EA decides to close you down just look at their track record. Ask the old Visceral staff on what they think about EA or even ask the old Bioware staff on what they think about EA.

SirBillyBones499d ago

I guess EA haven't had this moment of realisation yet...

NeoGamer232499d ago

Everyone knows Vince made CoD Modern Warfare with Infinity Ward. Then, he left because Activision was not good to them. He started Respawn independently so he is well aware what a big publisher can do to a strong developer. I am sure the contracts have been written so that Respawn as a lot of creative freedom. I doubt Vince would make the same mistake twice.

-Foxtrot499d ago

You are....I mean there's nothing else to say

The bad things outweigh the good.

You do one good thing then things change and 10 bad things follow.

AK91498d ago

Yes yes you are the only reason your relying on him is because you’ve burned bridges and fired any other noteworthy dev.