Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Official Trailer

Check out a new huge look at Final Fantasy 7 Remake featuring Cloud in a dress, Jenova and Red XIII.

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lifeisgamesok466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

It looks incredible and even better than I could've imagined 😱 I can't wait to see more of the summons

TheColbertinator466d ago

Cloud in a dress was my greatest hope to see when consoles went HD

bluefox755466d ago

I love that they didn't change how cutscene heavy the game was, and these ones are great. This game could be terrible, but it is targetting my nostalgia in a very pleasing way. FF7 was a very important game to me, it introduced me to my favorite genre, even to this day.

Nacho_Z466d ago

I like how it's a bit cheesy, it wouldn't feel like Final Fantasy if it wasn't. Heartfelt cheese is the name of the game. Apart from that it looks superb.

curtain_swoosh466d ago

fuuck, i wanna watch it, but i dont wanna spoil it, but i cant wait until April uuugh

Lionsguard465d ago

Take it from me, someone who was in your position yesterday, DO NOT watch it. It's actually pretty spoilery in a ways. Just tough it out. People are however, using thumbnails from this video all over youtube and other online articles may not survive.

curtain_swoosh465d ago

yeh ive already seen the ladies and someone else in thumbnails. bastards, the lot of them haha.

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