Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Finally Reveals Red XIII and Theme Song by Nobuo Uematsu

Square Enix just revealed two new videos of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, including one new trailer.

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Jimboms717d ago

I've been waiting for Red XIII for so long!

solideagle717d ago

the question is, will Vincent valentine will in the game?

MADGameR717d ago

He will be in FFVII Remake Part 2. PS5 1 year exclusive confirmed BTW.

theKiller717d ago

don't know why they had to make Cloud cross-dressing and being dance like a woman. was it necessary? this is the promotion of indecency and immoral sick behaviors.

What's next? Aeris and Tina kissing?

Dabigsiebowski717d ago

@killer I must assume you are being sarcastic. Otherwise go scream at another developer to cater to your insecurity. Or better yet, make a game with no soul whatsoever...I'm sure that'll reel them in

NegativeCreep427717d ago

theKiller better be sarcastic because Tifa and Aeris getting some hot one-on-one time together would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

And also the fact that Cloud cross-dressing isn't just another vapid virtue-signaling attempt to cater to the Alphabet Mafia/Leftist mobs of today because it was indeed a memorable scenario from the original game. (so hardcore FF7 fans like myself were looking forward to it being included in the remake)

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MeteorPanda717d ago

i can't upvote you cause its 13 upvotes

sssb717d ago

I can't WAIT till 10th April T_T

solideagle717d ago

Cloud looks like lightning from FFXIII

SeanScythe717d ago

you mean Lightning looks like Cloud from FFVII, right? Since she was based off of Cloud's design.

2BlackBelt717d ago

God I need it now. Only 2 more months peeps.

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Dragonborn12345717d ago

I am playing this after Nioh 2, PS4 ends with a blast this year is insane!!!

Thundercat77717d ago

No other console has ever ended with such high quality exclusive games like the PS4.

The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of T are just going to close this gen with a bang!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.