The Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs Crossover: Should It Happen?

An Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs crossover has been hinted at for years, but could it work? FinalBoss explore the past and potential future!

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jznrpg1148d ago

I don’t know I still haven’t played Watchdogs 2 because the first didn’t keep me interested and I quit quickly to play something else

Segata1148d ago

2 is much better but the puzzles are absolute shit. Tedious annoying shit. It has a lighter tone but the characters are pretty cringe as they try to be funny and so cool. The game is nothing you have not seen in a million other GTA like open worlds before. If had for super cheap it kills time. Outside of that, it's nothing special.

Profchaos1148d ago

I thought that watchdogs 2 had you hack into the Ubisoft studio in San Francisco and from memory there was some assassin's Creed mentions which mean that if it's a video game in watch dogs then it can't cross over

william_cade1148d ago

Image double micros and extra level gated content that can be eased by the purchase of Watchdog Assassin boosters.