EA Expects to "Blow People's Mind" With Next-Gen Games; Talks Future Nintendo Switch Support

Today, during Electronic Arts’ quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen talked about next-generation

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criticalkare62d ago

Yeah blow our minds with more live service titles with lootboxes and MT

Abriael62d ago

Well, they did have Jedi Fallen Order. The fact that it had no MT and it was single-player surely did blow my mind at least a bit. Gotta give credit where due.

-Foxtrot62d ago

Yeah it’s nice but it’s one good game out of like 20 bad ones

The scales haven’t quite balanced yet

Abriael62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

@Foxtrot: I don't need to buy any of their games that I don't wanna buy, so I don't feel the need to hate on those that aren't for me.

So for what concerns me, the scale is fully positive.

As for the future, Jedi Fallen Order did better than they expected, so who knows.

-Foxtrot62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

"so I don't feel the need to hate on those that aren't for me"

So hang on a minute here...

You think that even if a game like, for example, Battlefront II is going through a shit storm at launch for being bad and having awful MTs you are expected to buy in order to progress in their shitty "pay to win" set up, you won't say a thing or hate on it because you aren't buying it? If everyone had that mentality nothing with that game would have changed.

I'm sorry but that's just a shitty way at looking at it, I mean sure you aren't forced to get involved but if a company like EA is doing anti consumer things towards gamers, that includes you aswell even if you aren't buying it. We're supposed to stick together and stop these shitty things from spreading. You aren't expected to fight in a war but what you are saying is "this doesn't affect me so I don't care".

I've got no interest in Warcraft 3: Reforged for example, but what Blizzard has done recently is disgusting. I'm not going to ignore that bad deed from Blizzard because I don't care, I support those fans 100%, they are completely in the right.

"the scale is fully positive"

Yeah because you are ignoring all the shit they are doing and basically giving them a free pass just because it doesn't affect you. That doesn't mean it's not happening.

The way they treat their current studios, closing studios, the way they treat their games, online passes, MTs, Lootboxes, games turning to crap like Dungeon Keeper / Anthem / Mass Effect 3 (with the ending), Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefront, Sims 4 at launch, Dead Space 3, Battlefield V etc,

You can't put your head in the sand forever.

Abriael61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

When you'll reach my age, you'll be tired of being always angry about everything. Life is short and I don't have enough energy to focus so much on negativity in my hobbies that are supposed to be fun.

Also, I don't support the idea that people should always be coddled. If people spend tons of money on microtransactions, it's their choice, their money, and their freedom. They don't need me to babysit them and to be outraged on their behalf.

It doesn't affect me because I don't LET it affect me. Nothing EA does affects me unless I want it to. Even if all of their games and franchises turned to complete shit, the gaming industry is massive, and there will always be more great games that I approve of than I'll ever be able to play in my lifetime.

Incidentally, "anti-consumer" is one of the most abused expressions in the past few years. Not caring about what you care about does not mean "putting head in the sand." It means having a different viewpoint and priorities and you'll just have to spam disagree and deal with that. Feel free to continue your angry crusades. I'll enjoy my games in the meanwhile.

RazzerRedux61d ago

"Also, I don't support the idea that people should always be coddled. If people spend tons of money on microtransactions, it's their choice, their money, and their freedom. They don't need me to babysit them and to be outraged on their behalf."

Exactly. Beyond that, if I am on of those people who spend money on microtransactions then why does anyone get to tell me that I shouldn't have that option? Should I be able to tell folks they shouldn't be able to buy Mario because I don't like Mario? That is basically what this comes down to: I don't like and so no one should be able to enjoy what I don't like.

AnubisG61d ago

And that is why everyone should buy Jedi Fallen Order to send a message to EA that this is the kind of games we gamers want. Not the MT filled, live service bullcrap.

RazzerRedux61d ago

"this is the kind of games we gamers want. Not the MT filled, live service bullcrap"

We? If gamers didn't want MT then gamers wouldn't spend money on MT. But gamers do spend money on MT. And so you don't speak for gamers at all, now do you?

LuckyDuck1261d ago

He speaks for at least one gamer, himself.

RacerX61d ago

I'm sure my mind will be blown with all the new ways EA implements pay walls for 20 games... And then does 1 decent game to make up for all the other garbage.

rainslacker60d ago

One doesn't have to buy the games. But that doesn't mean they can't speak out against industry practices which have a negative effect on them, or the games they want to buy. Quite a few games have gone down the path of excessive monetization, and it has infected games we may want to buy. A prime example, from EA, would be Mass Effect 3. They obviously took out a big chunk of story content that they then sold as DLC at launch. The From Ashes content was so well integrated into the game, and scenarios within would have seemed strangly wrong without it, that there is no way they didn't just rip the character, his side stories, and actual lore content from the game to make it something to buy.

Sometimes, as a consumer, you have to speak up in order to keep things going the way you wish them to go. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind against things you don't like. It can go to far for some people, but expressing what you want as a consumer, is what a consumer should do. Just keep it reasonable.

ifrit_caress60d ago

@ RazzerRedux: You say "If gamers didn't want MT then gamers wouldn't spend money on MT. But gamers do spend money on MT. And so you don't speak for gamers at all, now do you?"

You are completely ignoring how the game companies psychologically pressure gamers into spending money on microtransactions. I am old enough to remember when unlocking in-game items required you to simply play the game to enhance your enjoyment of the game, not pay an extra dollar or ten when you've already paid full price for the game.

Abriael60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@ifrit_caress: oh goodness, you're "psychologically pressured!"

Lemme tell you the surefire remedy for psychological pressure. It's called "willpower." Something humans are provided with and should perhaps make use of more often, instead of demanding the things that require willpower to resist be removed.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane61d ago

I'll be blown away if we get a KOTOR or Bad Company or even a Decent Mass Effect. Cause its been a shambles these past few years....

60d ago
Muzikguy61d ago

They surely won't be blowing my mind. I've had one of the greatest times this generation with games and not a single one is published by EA. I've got no problem continuing that

rand061d ago

Don’t you mean, “surprise mechanics?“

rainslacker60d ago

If there is anything that EA does well, it's how to blow something.

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DeadlyFire62d ago

Well we have had 6-8 threads on the CPU since PS3/x360. Now we get 16 threads.

GPU base Tflops for this gen is 1.84 on PS4 and 1.2 on Xbox. Now we get 9-12.

RAM is going to be at least double or more next generation.

So everything should move up to a new level. Physics, lighting, sounds, and so on.

Jin_Sakai62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Don’t forget the significantly faster custom SSDs. Much faster loading times and far less pop in.

The biggest plus for me is getting away from these garbage jaguar CPUs that plagued this generation.

froy40261d ago

Exactly, that's huge upgrade, I don't see why people are complaining about next gen not being very significant in terms of power upgrade.

Muzikguy61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Great things for these games with 9-12 Tflops over what we have now. These PS4 exclusives have been amazing. Diminishing returns but even at 4 or 5X what we have have now is a lot of graphical power. Imagine all that extra power being used on things that have literally not been bothered with. I can see next gen being a very decent upgrade. Like other commented I don't see why people act as if it won't be. Especially with the SSD

Neonridr61d ago

future Switch support, lol. Scratching out 2019 and putting 2020 on the box doesn't mean you are actually supporting anything.

Muzikguy61d ago

Maybe it'll be in a new font that will BLOW. OUR. MINDS!!

isarai61d ago

I haven't been "blown away" by EA since the days of Mirrors Edge, burnout and Bad Company.

HusbandAndWifeGaming61d ago

Dragon Age Awakening is the last game of theirs that actually impressed me.

sander970261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I was thinking about it for a while and yeah that's facts.
Even this latest Star Wars game was good but it wasn't even nearly as great as the old Force Unleashed games where gameplay wise and they came out over a decade ago.

rainslacker60d ago

I thought Jedi was kind of mind blowing...outside the bugs. Not because it was an amazing game, because it was really just a pretty decent game....but because it didn't have MT, or DLC, or all sorts of stupid politics attached.

Otherwise, it was pretty much what I would want from a story driven game, and while not cannon to the SW universe apparently, it was a solid entry that had a good plot, which unfortunately seemed to end sooner than it should have, which is kind of counter to a lot of games nowadays which seem like they should have ended a few levels back.

ZeekQuattro61d ago

The only way I'll be blown away by anything EA does is if that rumored KOTOR reboot turns out to be true. Otherwise nope.

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