As Nintendo Switch grows, the 3DS is probably dead

Nintendo has just released a new financial report for the first nine months of Fiscal Year 2019, and it pretty much spells doom for their 3DS line of products.

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Fist4achin542d ago

3DS rocked as it was an rpg powerhouse!

winter_hill542d ago

Well, when it dies dead at least it will live on via emulation.

TheRealTedCruz542d ago

It's basically been dying for a while now. That said, there's so many great games for it, it's a worthwhile purchase even now.

Wolf873542d ago

Fully concur! It's a neat handheld system.

NecrumOddBoy542d ago

Then get those awesome 3DS/DS games onto the damn Switch already! Where is Metroid Samus Returns on Switch? Or Luigi's Mansion 2? Nintendo ported Luigi 's Mansion 1 to 3DS but not too Switch? Nintendo isn't going to the 4K HDR thing; so why not pour all their 3DS teams into the Switch.

Tross542d ago

Dude, the Switch could have so much more if they rolled out VC. But, Wood Hawker (from the BeatEmUps YouTube channel) actually managed to make me at least see that there may be a good reason why it's not on the Switch. He's the first to successfully convince me to see another side to it (funny how random unexplained disagrees on N4G don't have that effect). He argued that it's possible Nintendo wanted various devs including smaller indie devs to want to put their games on the Switch, and the success of indie games in particular would be crushed by having access to a VC.

To an extent, I actually agree. He's right that I would probably download games like Earthbound over a lot of the indie games I have on the Switch. I do think the Switch has the potential to be the best legacy system Nintendo's ever had, and it has frustrated me to no end that it's not that. But, I do admit that it's the best indie system they've ever had, and that may be in no small part because that's what occupies a lot of the eShop. I don't know if that's the full reason why Nintendo has declined to roll out VC, but it is true that a company like Nintendo wouldn't make such a decision lightly.

Tross542d ago

Well, that's not surprising. It had a really good run, but eventually the lifecycle of older systems has to end so that more focus can go to current systems, and that's clearly what's happening with the 3DS and Switch.

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