Can Blu-ray save Christmas for Hollywood?

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Movie studio executives on Friday presented the best-case scenario for a winter holiday surge in the purchase of high-definition Blu-ray players as their best hope to keep the U.S. home video market's decline from accelerating past 3 percent or 4 percent this year.

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Raoh4601d ago

not only blu ray but movie studios are being saved by super heros.

both marvel and DC comics dominate the theaters and dvd and blu ray sales

chaosatom4600d ago

The title doesn't say that "blu-ray needs saving"?

Or "Can Christmas save blu-ray" or "can Hollywood save blu-ray"

But it says that "Can blu-ray save"

thebudgetgamer4600d ago

Stan Lee saves Hollywood


Johnny Cullen4601d ago


Another day, another article on if Blu Ray can be saved.

pixelsword4600d ago

...and you did not do the fundamental thing concerning that article.

macalatus4601d ago

This crap is getting old already. I'll use this argument time and time again...what's the purpose of people buying HDTV when they're not even going to fully utilize their HDTV's full capabilities?

theEnemy4600d ago

For a second I thought the title was "Can Christmas save Blu-Ray ?"

Sorry, I've just got used to tons of anti-blu-ray news here in N4G.

Skerj4600d ago

Blu-Ray will save Hollywood when they stop putting out sh*tty movies and stop being greedy with the Blu-Ray prices.

pixelsword4600d ago

...If older movies can go through the Blu-Ray HD upgrades, then "yes".

If only newer movies can go through the Blu-Ray HD upgrades, then "yes, but newer movies must be marketed".

gumgum994600d ago

@ skerj

give it time. its still kinda new. I'm sure by next year the price will drop a few bucks.

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