What Video Game Level Have You Played The Most?

A great level is like a warm bowl of mac and cheese. You can come back to it whenever you need to feel good and happy. Without thinking you can load it up and know you are going to be okay. So what level do you keep coming back to over the years?

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Fist4achin62d ago

Wait, out of pure enjoyment or because it was so challenging that it took me forever to get it down?!

BoneMagnus62d ago

Exactly! If it’s the latter, then for me it’s the first level of Bloodborne - until you reach the 1st boss and can start leveling.

Tross62d ago

The correct answer here is the first level of many a retro game, because no matter how far you get into the game, you have to start at level 1 ever single time...unless you use save states or features like rewind of course. But, if you played these games in the past, that wasn't an option.

Fist4achin62d ago

Yes! Kung Fu, RushNAttack, Contra (without) code, super Mario Brothers,...

TheEnigma31362d ago

The boat mission of GTA IV. Got so pissed I gave up because it kept glitching.

lptmg62d ago

Perfect Dark. The Carrington Villa level.
That damn thing is pure level design bliss.

poppatron62d ago

Silent cartographer or assault on the control room, co op on legendary! Happy days

Dan5062d ago

The pic shown in the thumbnail.

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The story is too old to be commented.