Rare drop a massive bombshell hidden in Banjo Kazooie!

CrankyGamersUK writes: Been playing through Banjo Kazooie on 360 and have found a nice secret that i'm sure lots of you are going to go crazy for!

2009 just got a whole lot sweeter!

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callahan094324d ago

Sounds like a rumor to me, why is this under news?

Remember in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, where they talked about Metroid Dread being near completion? Yeah, they were just playing around, sort of an inside joke, the game isn't actually coming.

I have a feeling this is similar. Why the hell would they be working on sequels to all of those games simultaneously (especially Grabbed by the Ghoulies, which I'm relatively certain nobody cared about then and nobody cares about now).

Socom4324d ago

Remember that vid where that guy started bashing Rare hard for that?

Yea well, thats the reality.

CEO OF N4G4324d ago

I hope this is a hint that killer instint is coming out.K.I Gold was my fav beat em up game.

StephanieBBB4324d ago

Jet Force Gemini would be sweet if the gameplay was like phantasy star online but with HD graphics. But the rest is kinda meh imo.

psnDevistator3564324d ago

They're all going to be based on vehicle creation!!!

Bladestar4324d ago

There is a difference between a rumor made by some random guy... and a rumor that developers took time to add/code into a game... I hope you understand the difference between the two.

JsonHenry4324d ago

I want BattleToads! Not KI!

mohib-uddin79865324324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

rare remings me of Square-Enix

A comapny that used to be amazing once and made nothing but amazing games

Then lost it all. but still teases us to make us feel they still got it in them !

Socom4324d ago

This is straight from RARE, not some weird sentence in a videogame, thats taken out of context:

"Rare promises that there's "no secret team" working on sequels to classic Nintendo favourites, Killer Instinct and Jet Force Gemini, despite the hopes and cries of legions of fans.

In reply to one such fan on its official site, Rare said: "Purely out of contractual obligation, no, we're not working on KI3, no, we don't have a secret team in the basement finishing off JFG2, no, we're not brainstorming an exciting sequel to It's Mr. Pants and traditionally we're not big players in the RPG market either."

So all hopes are pinned on the upcoming 360-bound Banjo sequel being the ultra-awesome N64 sequel Nintendo peeps wish for.

Elsewhere in the so-called Scribes section of the site, Rare says in reply to speculation regarding Donkey Kong 64 being ported to DS: "who knows what will happen?"

Woops, short term memory much fanboys? Haha

Maxned4324d ago

I read that in the demo...
Everything else LOG said when you talked to him was sarcastic or was a joke, so I call fake.
Thats just me though.

Mozilla894324d ago

but a new Jet Force Gemini would be sweet! I loved the last one def one of the best gaming experiences for me.

Bodhi4324d ago

Sadly guys, this most likely is another Rare joke. Kotaku and Maxconsole are really gullible for believing the LOG in Banjo. After playing Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, you can obviously not take the LOG seriously.

Rick Astley4324d ago

Killer Instinct = One of the least played fighting game franchises of all time, and for good reason.. it sucks.

silvacrest4323d ago

That comment was filled with fail

do you even have any proof of your BS claims? and if so please state them.

why dont you attack the recent mortal combat games (the classics are excellent) they actually deserve it

mikeslemonade4323d ago

No, Rict is right no one ever talked about Killer Instinct until it was a exclusive right for rare and is a 1st party for Microsoft. The games won't push hardware because it's a fighting game. Only Virtua Fighter is the only game that had the potential to push japan sales but that didn't happen.

None of the other games will push hardware. Rare is the only 1st party developer that Microsoft has, so of course they be making games. And how on earth will they be able to make like 5 games including viva piniata. If they bring all those games in 2009 the games will all probably suck, but if they want those games to be good then not all the games will come out on the 360 because the 720 is coming out. Nothing special here next article!

ind14323d ago


If you mean no one talks about Killer Instincts now, thats fair enough - its an old game which was released on the Super Nintendo.

But, back in those days the game was amazing. Comparing Killer Instinct to games even like Mortal Combat in these recent years, Killer Instinct still wins hands down.

Either you have bad taste as Rick Astley and/or you're just a pathetic fanboy.

power of Green 4323d ago

This is a hint, why do we get all the hate and spam in here?

likedamaster4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Well, anyone that knows RARE knows they have a track record of making a lot of games at the same time. I'm psyched about this... PS3 fanboys, troll away.

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PirateThom4324d ago

Oh no... what will I do when I call Gamestop now?! :(

Timesplitter144324d ago

That'll be so F***** funny lol!

(for those who don't know, a certain website called 4chan once started calling Gamestop all day and asking if they had Battletoads, and the people there got pretty angry. Every now and then, they do it again. Here's a video : just wait until he mentions Battletoads )

Bob Dole4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Makes Bob Dole wanna call and ask about battletoads. Lol, man that guy was pissed.

No Way4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Dude, if I was the Gamestop employee I woulda been laughing my ass off. Mainly because the prank caller sounds like a little boy..

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Smacktard4324d ago

Yeah, I'm sure this is definitely true %D hurf durf

IzKyD13314324d ago

they're just messing with everyone, and how the hell would they work on 4 games at the same time lol

PirateThom4324d ago

Especially when they're having trouble enough with making a single game.

IzKyD13314324d ago

bubbles man, that had me going : )

green4324d ago

Pls pls ple let it be true that a new Jet Force Gemini game is in the works.I played it for a short while on the N64 and it was brilliant.As for Killer Instinct 3, there have been too many clues already, so i am around 70% convinced that we will see it next year.

GodGinrai4324d ago

ive wanted a jet force gemini sequel for a long time....would love to see th original pop up on live!

mepsipax4324d ago

wow jet force gemini was epically challenging, it was flippin huge! first of all, you had the standard each character has their own level, then after the palace you had each character can go to any level they want, thus opening the door to more secrets (and in jet force a secret isn't just a room with a bunch of items in it) and then after you thought you won they drop the giant bombshell on you that you have to rescue every single tribal. god damn that was hard, seriously one of the most underated and best games I have ever played, mixing up platforming with a 3rd person shooter. ReRelease on XBLA or Virtual Console please, please, please.