How Was I Supposed to Know THAT? ~ Obtuse Things in Games - Volume Four

Phil writes, "Today is National Puzzle Day, and it's a day for celebration of all things that twist, melt, bust, or otherwise perplex your brain puzzle-wise. It seems like a fantastic day to bring back an old favorite article series that hasn't seen much action recently. It's "How Was I Supposed to Know THAT!?", where we take a look at those frustratingly obtuse parts of games, whether for progression purposes or just plain ol' devious puzzles that one would have to be an absolute genius of a specialized field to solve. These following five games each have a particularly perplexing part or puzzle in them that possess some kind of masterful amount of outside information or knowledge to get past or solve them."

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Nacho_Z601d ago

Never been a fan of the kind of game design where you need a guide to be able to do it, some might say it's quirky but I think it's dumb.

That's why The Witness is so good, the puzzles are often confusing and very difficult but there's always a logical solution if you think about it enough.

DarkZane600d ago

It's actually easier for FF IX now, contrary to what the article says. The speed increase makes the game plays at x3 the speed, but it doesn't actually make the timer go faster, so it makes getting there in 12 hours a lot easier.

curtain_swoosh600d ago

sure sure, but it was neeear impossible to actually get the EC2 in-time on the ps1. especially if you had the European version.