The Angry Pixel: NXE Intro & Avatar Creation Video Walkthrough

The Angry Pixel writes: "With the New Xbox Experience update just around the corner, we're sure a lot of you are just itching to find out just exactly what you're going to get yourself into. Well, as usual, we manage to save the day by bringing you a series of video walkthroughs of the new dashboard, including the spellbinding HD intro and a 5 minute romp through the avatar creation process."

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hoolesy3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I can see myself being utterly sadly indecisive on choosing my avatar's look lol.
What's it gonna be, a twin of me, or a complete and utter loony bin lol.

green3620d ago

Mine will be a twin of me.Even my created commander shepard in Mass Effect looked like me.

Grimhammer003620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I was really thinking that the Avatar idea...yes copied from The Wii's Mii's...was going to suk balls. After watching that video - I have to say, I'm warring with myself about it. I on one hand think that this appeals to a young audience...say 5-18...then I thought, WOW that's a large target market that will be spending time and PTs (money) on their Avatars. Then I thought about myself...would I spend pts (money) on such trivial non-sense? Sadly - I bought one soul calibur 4 clothes pack. So yes, very likely.
We all know where this is going - it's going to be micro-transaction hell and limited edition content from dev's and OXM demo discs...Hell, even clothes from advertisers will be rampant. Think about it - if you were NIKE, here's another way to get into the heads of 22-25 million users! Don't kid yourself about the coping Mii's thing - this was done because MS will and has taken it to the next level. With DVR's and DVD's/Blu-ray already eating away at TV advertising time...we've already started seeing this in-game advertising in games like Burn-out Paradise. Now, much like buying a Tee at a Levi's store you'll be supporting the company online. And I believe a large amount of 360 LIVE users will be riding this band wagon. For non-LIVE users - this is largely pointless...which is another way to motivate those peeps to get in on LIVE....and that is a goal all 360 users can support!
I was hoping to hate this...but this Q4 has been outstanding game wise and now with a useful (also another micro-transaction gimmick) and fun firmware update.

Now, how many users are going to be making Pirates!!! LOL