Minecraft was the UK's best-selling new IP of the decade

Mojang's hit sold more retail units than any other new games property, but Destiny led the way in revenue generated

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Christopher67d ago

Best investment Microsoft has made for Xbox/games ever, IMHO. Merchandising alone is tons of profit.

Havik67d ago

Not to sound edgy but I feel left out a bit because the 3 biggest craze games of the last decade do nothing for me. Not Minecraft, not Fortnite and not Destiny!

Terraria though is my jam!

On topic, wise investment by Microsoft. Smart move keeping it on all platforms too!

-Foxtrot67d ago

Terraria and it's updates show Mojang how it's done

Sure it's 2D compared to 3D but still

You can actually build a home in Terraria full to the brim of almost all house essentials

67d ago
-Foxtrot67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

What the hell you talking about? Sony fanboy? What has Sony got to do with Minecraft and Terraria?

Terraria isn't owned by Sony...

Honestly I think some people on this site look for a fight so much they just like talking shit.

"Joined 30 Jan 2020 ( 8m ago)"

Well, that explains a lot...

67d ago
-Foxtrot67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Lol. Tough man had to create an alt account to call someone on here, what a complete coward.

Oh no, he called me names, boo hoo...

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snoopgg67d ago

I have to admit that this was a wise acquisition by Microsoft.

Automatic7967d ago

Minecraft Dungeons coming this year that game looks like fun.