What Happened To Tekken X Street Fighter?

Just what is going on with Tekken X Street Fighter?

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chrisx547d ago

I remember Harada said sometime ago that this game isn't cancelled,so there's still some good possibilty. Imo this game needs to happen.

SickSinceSix547d ago

If a new Street Fighter does get revealed this year like rumored too, then I'd bet this game won't be coming out til mid 9th gen the earliest.

xTonyMontana546d ago

If Akuma in T7 is anything to go by, this game will be awesome IF they continue development. They did an amazing job of recreating him in a 3d game and it feels distinctively like him.

VTKC546d ago

it isnt happening until Harada has fully milked Tekken 7 with who knows how many Season passes and DLC he said that werent going to happen.

generic-user-name546d ago

T7 turned out to be the best Tekken in years, maybe the best ever, it's a good thing that they are continuing to support it with Seasons and not just dropping it for a risky crossover game.

PurpHerbison546d ago

T7 is the only fighting game release to get more popular as time went on. It only recently lost some steam with the Leroy fiasco. That is pretty impressive considering how old T7 actually is.

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