Gears of War 2 churns out intense action (USA Today Review)

USA Today: Gears of War built its stellar reputation through multiplayer mode, and the sequel is no different. Developers have made key tweaks, including a seamless co-operative mode, matchmaking and a party system so you can stick with friends during your online experience.

But the highlight of Gears of War 2 is Horde mode. Players can join up to four others online and battle waves of Locusts. As you defeat each wave, you'll encounter a new one that's bigger and tougher. If you're eliminated during a wave, you're revived if your team kills the remaining enemies. It's great incentive for communicating with teammates and helping them advance, even if you're not actively participating.

As its designer claims, Gears of War 2 is indeed bigger and better. When lining up this year's crop of action shooters, you may want to add "best" to the list of superlatives.

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Dmitry Orlov3649d ago

Horde mode is really fun, especially on hardcore+ difficulty.
It kept me and my friends concentrated as hell till the last wave :)