Pokemon Home Is a Complete Rip-Off

Pokemon Home's pricing details are out, and the cloud service is a complete rip-off. Nintendo should be ashamed to exploit fans this boldly.

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Juusterey302d ago

It's almost like pokemon fans have encouraged this behaviour for decades

_SilverHawk_302d ago

Remove "home" from the sentence and itll be better

-Foxtrot301d ago

They supported and defended Sword/Shield despite how lacking it is and how it's no where near what everyone expected for the first ever mainline Pokemon game on consoles. Hell being on Switch the two version bullshit should have been dropped completely.

They brought it on themselves and they'll keep doing it because..."Pokemon"

BigBosss302d ago

I'm enjoying that game alot!

Spenok302d ago

I'm just waiting on it to come to Switch! I'm so stoked!

Sono421302d ago

You're in for a treat! I got it on PC but I am also going to get it on PS4 or Switch when it releases, not sure which one yet, probably PS4 though for the simple fact it's online focused, and I was really surprised at just how good the game actually looks, I don't know why but I was expecting some jaggies,rough edges, and just not too much polish, I guess because I've expected it from Pokemon? Or maybe it's because it's early access? Maybe a combination of both, but man it is actually really clean! I was hyped for the game but came away getting even more than I thought, I don't want to get your hopes up too high, but man I think this game is already way better than Pokemon is, the fact it's an indie game just makes it even crazier.

I just really hope people don't sleep on this game, I 100% believe that if everyone played TemTem and Sword/Shield they would unanimously decide TemTem is the better game.

badz149301d ago


your expectations towards TemTem is not unwarranted because GameFreak is just THAT incompetent when it comes to tech. LITERALLY anybody can do a better Pokemon game than GameFreak if given a chance! it's just sad how far Pokemon fans are just willingly defending that crappy company when Nintendo themselves are doing so much better on the same hardware.

Juusterey301d ago

hopefully it does really well
nobody has really taken the pokemon formula so much before as far as i know, at least not in a game that became a bit popular
maybe with more options people will leave pokemon behind if it doesn't improve

Elronza302d ago

I warned everyone I could that Gamefreak was going to nickel and dime Pokemon, until it cost over $100 for the full experience, of one game. Sadly I've been proven right, with the price of the expansion pass and Pokemon Home on top of the base game. Base game $59.99+ expansion pass $29.99+ pokemon home $16.99='s over $100. Oh yeah and another $49.99 for the Pokeball plus in order to get Mew.

Neonridr302d ago

but the expansion pass offers a lot to the core game. People seem to forget the new world, pokemon, trainers and everything else that comes with it. All certain people want to see is some older pokemon that are being put back in the game.

What's the difference with any other game that has any sort of DLC?

Pokemon Home is completely optional for those who want to keep everything together. Most people won't even use it.

Smellsforfree301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

> What's the difference with any other game that has any sort of DLC?

I think there is just a fine line developers walk when it comes to DLC. When the DLC content seems like it should have just been included to begin with, people feel like they are being taken advantage of. Especially when it includes features that were included in previous titles out-of-the-box, but for some reason were held back on the latest release only to be dished out later for $.

Neonridr301d ago

@Smellsforfree - nothing outside of some of the older pokemon was stuff that should have been included. This is a huge expansion and a first for a pokemon game.

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