Jason Oda: [email protected] funded my game. Waking is coming to Xbox One and PC very, very soon.

Developer Jason Oda took to imgur to showcase some animated gifs of his upcoming game, Waking.

"I started work on Waking over 4 years ago, after I released Continue?9876543210, an artsy, philosophical game about a dead video game character wandering in the recesses of the RAM, trying to find peace before being deleted.

Waking tackles similar themes such as death, albeit in a drastically different way. In Waking, you find yourself careening towards death in a coma, you must battle dark forces by conjuring the memories of your real-life loved ones, and join them in the fight for your life.

Along the way you’re invited to explore your fears and struggles. These sometimes take the form of your personal demons. These represent the aspects of life that make it feel not worth living. They beat you down in an effort to get you to give up.

Waking is a unique, meditative, deeply personal action-adventure through your dying mind, coming to Xbox One and PC very, very soon."

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i3eyond the Circle29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I’m not liking it... it is low budget tho and the concept is good. I’d be down for a Dark Souls world with Control gameplay... but this shit right here tho..nope. it reminds of that Jank fest known as Indigo Prophecy even tho they are not remotely the same it’s just the same cringe.

darthv7228d ago

I like the concept as well. It makes you wonder what it must be like to be trapped inside your own mind and what sort of things you will encounter. Some who have come out of comas talk about all sorts of strange things like being visited by loved ones and reliving past experiences.

Fist4achin29d ago

Could be cool. I hope it turns out good.

CaptainHenry91629d ago

Well be definitely checking this out on PC

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Trueflames28d ago ShowReplies(2)
PyroMessiah8628d ago ShowReplies(1)
MIKE702KA29d ago

Hope it’s a Hellblade experience !

nucky6428d ago

from that trailer, it doesn't impress me as being nearly as good as hellblade.

RazzerRedux28d ago

Poor man's Hellblade maybe.

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The story is too old to be commented.