Why The Order: 1886 deserves a sequel

The Order: 1886 stands as one of the PS4’s most notable failed exclusives. Its sales were modest, but it was critically trashed by just about every outlet and many of those who purchased it. It’s seen as an embarrassment by many, but most people who experienced it in some form do still have some kind of memories of it.

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Gazondaily466d ago

As completely lacklustre as The Order 1886 was, a sequel could be good if it sorted out all the problems of the first:

1. Consistent Story
2. Gameplay- remove the useless QTE's, sort out the gameplay loop,ai (well pretty much everything)
3. Level design
4. Boss battles

_SilverHawk_466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

There should be a sequel to the order 1886 because the game was amazing

chrisx466d ago

I second that. I totally enjoyed the order 1886, a sequel would be great news.

Neonridr466d ago

the general consensus was that while pretty, it lacked in the story department. Unless everyone who ever rated the game poorly is wrong and people like you are right.

TK-66466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

No it wasn't; it was an extremely shallow game. Creating a dark fantasy world and the best monsters you can include are Lycan and Vampires? And then limit the Vampires to cutscenes and Lycan to QTE boss fights and extremely stupid telegraphed AI? The writers failed in just about every way to use the historical characters/setting effectively. Even Tesla's inclusion as a character lacked depth. This game was in no way amazing in just about any area including gameplay, level design, characters, story, or lore.

Such a good opportunity wasted...

EDIT: You know what I was unfair.... It looked pretty, so there's one good thing it's got going for it.

mandingo466d ago

The game was anything but amazing. Looked great tho

Gaming4Life1981466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

The order was not amazing by far. I'm down for a sequel but the order deserved the reviews and criticism it got.

Army_of_Darkness465d ago

The game was visually amazing! Loved the concept and look of it, but my problem was indeed to many QTE. If they made it a little more open, more action, with a basic upgrades system and more player control over QTE this game could have been amazing! Just bad execution basically..

UltraNova465d ago

You'all read this. A sequel might be coming indeed as a ps5 exclusive. I can't wait to see what changes they've made.

I loved the first's setting, atmosphere, gunplay and story(even with its inconsistencies).

What the order needs(coming from someone who actually cares for this IP):

1) Expand and explore its story and characters
2) Level design: bigger more diverse, multiple pathways, less rigid - more interactive
3) Even more fantastic guns
4) More, varied enemies
5) Proper Boss flights with unique takedown strategies for each
6) Collectibles, secret pathways etc
7) New game +

Considering, 1886 was the dev's first AAA game I believe they now have what it takes to make on heck of sequel. Cant wait.

Smitty2020465d ago

Although the game was very short I still really enjoyed playing it and does deserve another go

AshleeEmerson465d ago

YES!! I Loved every moment of it.

Forn465d ago

I liken The Order to the first Uncharted game, due to the fact that Ready At Dawn hadn't made a game on this level before. And we all know the vast improvement of the second Uncharted over the first. I'd be happy to see a return to the franchise.

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SpaceRanger466d ago

I agree with some of 2 & all of 4, but I don’t know where you’re getting the “consistent story” and “Level Design”.

If you’re talking about length/duration, sure. But the story was pretty consistent at a writing level and the levels were some of the most robust this gen, probably even the most unique in terms of atmosphere (air balloon, mansion, boat docks, etc.)

TK-66466d ago (Edited 466d ago )


"But the story was pretty consistent at a writing level and the levels were some of the most robust this gen, probably even the most unique in terms of atmosphere (air balloon, mansion, boat docks, etc.)"

What you described was the setting. If you consider what the level looks like to be whats important in the design then you've completely missed how the design of a level impacts the gameplay. This game frequently, despite being short, relied on scripted segments of what can basically be described as waling through a narrow alleyway. It's something that can often be difficult to explain, but this image perfectly shows what the issue is:

The Order is basically a corridor shooter that rarely features level design that provides options on how to tackle encounters with the AI, and when it does it's very basic like occupying an elevated position.

As for the story being consistent on a writing level, you are joking right?

rainslacker465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

The story was kind of weak on the vampire side of things. I mean, they talked about it, and discussed the relevance, but just had the plot twist at the end. Plus, I think vampire fights may have never made it into the game, because that one shipping place had all the coffins but nothing happened, but the level was set up like you'd fight there.

Anyhow, the rest of the story was pretty decent. It had character development, but the pacing was slowed down too much at a couple points.

Game and ip have a lot of potential. But they need to work out the game structure stuff itself if they do a sequel. Game play was solid overall, but needed better ai and it shouldn't have been as predictable, although that is a problem with a lot of games structured around the "walk a level, fight some enemies" routine.

Rimeskeem466d ago

Sorry, AI, Level design were fine/good IMO.

Boss battles were bad because of QTE reliance.

Rimeskeem465d ago

I am not saying they couldn't improve, but making it seem like the whole game was bad besides the graphics is untrue.

And also, *story, phone auto-correct.

SolidGamerX465d ago

Game wasn't perfect but it wasn't lackluster either, your canned narrative is played out.

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darthv72466d ago

I quite enjoyed it and figured a sequel should have been in the works to flesh out the story even further. Maybe we will get a reboot/remake which could then lead to a sequel?

sampsonon466d ago

without even reading the article...
yes, yes, and yes.

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pwnmaster3000466d ago

Can’t really say since I haven’t played the game yet. I bought the game recently but haven’t even touched it yet since I have so many games to beat. But I will say I like the character design.

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