What If Breath of the Wild 2 Looked Like the Link's Awakening Remake?

Now, hear me out. We all know that the sequel to Breath of the Wild will still have a similar art style to its predecessor but what if Nintendo pulled a 180 on us.

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Neonridr240d ago

I feel that the graphic style of Links Awakening worked perfectly for that style of game. In fact I would be perfectly fine with that sort of art style for the top down style of games. But for BOTW, I think sticking with the original graphic engine (enhanced since it will only be on Switch this time around) is the way to go. It creates a level of continuity being a direct sequel to the first game.

greysun123240d ago

Yeah but it would be cool to see a new mainline zelda game in the future with another cute art style like Links Awakening or Wind Waker

RpgSama239d ago

They should totally do remake of A Link To The Past in the style of Links Awakening!

Segata239d ago

Would not work for the tone BOTW2 is going for.

greysun123239d ago

It's just a fanart appreciation post

NecrumOddBoy239d ago

I think the art style works perfectly for Link's Awakening. It would work with the Oracle games as well, but BOTW is too vertical for it to work the way we would want.

Going down this road, I would like to see a papercraft Zelda (maybe Minish Cap or a new game).

Segata239d ago

I loved it in Links Awakening. Just like WW style would not have worked for the tone of Twilight Princess or Minish Cap with OoT. Oot style would not work for Wind Waker. LA and WW are my two fave Zelda games.

BadElf239d ago

Want it to look like witcher 3

greysun123239d ago

Zelda will never look like The Witcher

Smok91238d ago

I’ve always wanted a gritty, gory, and more realistic Zelda experience. It’ll never happen.

King_Noctis238d ago

BOTW2 seems gritty so far. As for gory, I doubt Nintendo would make it happen.

strayanalog239d ago

Honestly, I wouldn't care. In my opinion, Nintendo is generally spot-on with their art style in their titles. If they went that route I would think it a little jarring at first, sure, but eventually see that it was the right decision. I mean, if I judged every title based on how it looked I would not have played a lot of amazing games.

greysun123239d ago

Exactly! People get so butt-hurt about experimental art styles. People hated the look of Wind Waker when it was first revealed and now that game is beloved

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The story is too old to be commented.