Rockstar Celebrates Record Breaking GTA, Red Dead Online Holiday Season With Bonuses for All Players

Rockstar Games has reported that this past holiday season was record breaking for both of its online titles, and they’re extending bonuses to both games’ player bases to celebrate.

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sushimama544d ago

Hey Rockstar, how about you shut the hell up and fix the damned servers in Red Dead 2 Online. Hunting is a big part of the game and there are no frickin animals. Finding an animal is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Give people the option to go into a server with a max of 12 people. DO SOMETHING. Ya shit is broken

neutralgamer1992544d ago

They are too busy making money and media is too busy cashing their PR checks

R* never use to rest on their morals but GTA online changed all that

544d ago
RosweeSon544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Oh right is that why they supported their game with free content for 6 years meanwhile fifa just released another 6 games, same for COD, pretty much same Ubisoft and assassins creed. One game that’s still being supported for free 6 years later one of £40 charge or 6 samey games over the same period. Each to their own 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷 🏻‍♂️

JackBNimble543d ago

"They are too busy making money "
Of course they are , but the trader career depends 100% on hunting and you need gold to buy into the careers.
Obviously there have been people spending really money on these so R* needs to get their shit together and fix this.
This problem with animals not spawning has been here since at least September.

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b163o1544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Last time I jump on RDOnline it was Dead....

Profchaos544d ago

It's slowly getting it's redemption

Profchaos544d ago

Yeah I know what you mean ever since the December patch animals have dried up but I make way more as a collector than a trader now.

TheSinsibleOne544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

They seem lazy this gen. too focused about online. I don’t blame them though. Idiots buying shark cards on GTA and on RDR Online. Last gen they were killing it. LA Noire, RDR, Max Payne, GTA 4,5. Hope they do a little bit more next gen that’s not bloody multiplayer.

Shalawsorchi544d ago

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never touched their online part. Just single player!

TheSaint544d ago

They've become what they once lambasted.

Shalawsorchi544d ago

How about release a GTA soon instead of this online crap. They are still milking GTA online to this day and really sad. Wish they could focus on single player DLC too.

FlameWater544d ago

Ya not gonna happen, don't be surprised when GTA6 turns out to be World of Grand Theft Auto.

544d ago