Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND shows why the series was at its best in 2002

The ReMIND DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 is an expansion that embodies most of the reasons why the series will never be as good as it was back in 2002.

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Immagaiden22d ago

Nah dude the series peak was Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix

AK9121d ago

Controversial opinion but I agree with you KH1 wasn't as smooth gameplay wise as KH2 but the combat system was so challenging and don't get me started on Hollow Bastion that level almost broke me but it was SO satisfying to complete it. I never felt any challenge from KH2 well at least not to the amount of KH1 but from what I've been seeing ReMind returns the difficulty that the original game was known for.

Xaevi21d ago

KH, CoM, and KH2 is when the series was at it's best. The story, while it got odd with KH2, still made sense. It was a completed trilogy of games, and the series's future looked promising and exciting. 358 added to the story, and while it introduced Xion she died and so no extra complications were added to the overall plot. As much as I liked BBS, it went down hill starting with that game. If they would've went with Xehanorts outcome at the end of 3 they could've started fresh. Make the series less complicated story wise, and take all those new gameplay features introduced with DDD and really flesh them out into something great. Sometimes I think they don't have any idea just how great of an idea they had with KH and what it's potential could be

nommers18d ago

Nope. It didn't make much sense at all even in KH2.

Xaevi18d ago

That's cause CoM was required to understand least half of what happens in KH2. If they would've just gone directly to KH3 with maybe just one game in between they could've explained where the organization came from, and who Xehanort was. KH2 was a mystery but not over complicated, least I think so