Battlefield V Into the Jungle Chapter 6 Trailer Shows New Map, Weapons, & More

Battlefield V's next chapter is here and it takes players to the humid jungles of the Pacific campaign in the new Solomon Islands map.

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sampsonon839d ago

Reminds me of BF Vietnam. I loved that game.
Will definitely be trying this update.

dsammy04839d ago

Guess this is a solid reason to jump back in. Really miss the large scale modes. Ground War on Modern Warfare isn't my cup of tea especially compared to the scale and gameplay of a battlefield game

Teflon02839d ago

yup said it right after I tried Ground War. Literally feels like a weaker version of BF. Makes me want to jump on BF when I play that mode lol

Thunder_G0d_Bane838d ago

So true, modern warfare's ground war just hasn't been scratching the itch for 64 player battlefield although i just want a modern setting back in battlefield I'll have to settle for BF5 cause its real cheap on cdkeys atm.

ReVibe839d ago

Shouldn't she be... you know... assembling bullets?
Nvm muh accuracy, the notion of a Japanese WWII female soldier is borderline offensive to their inherent conservity.

Battlestar23839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

WTF!!!! Sounds like your angry over something i suggest seeing a psychologist for your emotional issues or perhaps meditation.

Hungryalpaca838d ago

He’s not wrong though. The Japanese did not allow women to fight. It was part of the culture then.

This is a WWII game. Not a game set in 2020.

Then again, calling it “WWII” is stretching it.

T2X838d ago

The notion of a person sitting on their couch playing a video game and complaining over these mundane things is offensive to those who actually fought in a real war.

aaronaton838d ago

They clearly watched Mulan and thought that was a great story (even though she's Chinese)

Rikimaru1977839d ago

can't wait for Dice to bring BF back into the modern era.

Silly gameAr839d ago

Can't wait until they make a fun Battlefield game again.

UnholyLight838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

I feel this on a deep level

Thunder_G0d_Bane838d ago

That's all they need to do. I can't wait for this.

jjb1981838d ago

I totally agree with you on that. Imo, BF1 is still better than V and they should have just stuck with the modern era formula that made 3 and 4 so great. I was hoping for a BC2 but it doesn't seem like we'll be getting it. I hope they just bring it back to modern times. I cant wait because the CoD Ground War is garbage. It doesn't even feel like a real large-scale battle. It feels like a bunch of isolated objectives all over a large map. The new jungle maps might bring me back to BFV for little while.

Shalawsorchi839d ago

Why are they wasting their time on a dead game?

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