DBPG: Kid Chameleon Review (Sega Genesis)

One of the most fondly remembered games of the 16 bit generation, Kid Chameleon screams 90's. The main character looks like a 90's version of Fonzie, there is attitude for days, and the neon colors and designs will take you back in time. You take on the role of Kid Chameleon as you try to save the prisoners of the worlds most popular video game, as the evil Heady Metal has trapped the players. The main gimmick is simple, you take on over 15 different powers that transforms your character to help you through the massive 103 levels in this game. With a repetitive presentation and overly slippery controls, this game can feel more like a marathon than a sprint. It is one that people seem to really love though, so we decided to take a look.

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awdevoftw27d ago

Hated this game as a kid. Revisited it on the genesis classic. Still hate it.

DBPG27d ago

Didn’t have it as a kid so I didn’t have any do I wish I did because the capture session was rough