Kingdom Hearts III's New Secret Ending Is Breaking My Brain

Kingdom Hearts III’s new DLC Re:Mind remixes the game’s finale into a series of altered events with additional boss fights and story beats. It also adds an additional chapter in which players can face off against highly difficult “data” versions of defeated villains. Diehard fans who push through these fights will find one final challenge and a hidden ending that calls the series’ very being into question.

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AK9169d ago

Lol that thumbnail is so appropriate.

Eonjay69d ago

It's pretty outrageous. It is worthy of a Kingdom Hearts ending. Kingdom Hearts is the most baffling of all stories in gaming.

MeteorPanda69d ago

This series still has fans and that's even more confusing than the story.

forkymental69d ago

The spin-offs were what doomed KH3's story. Square-Enix had to tie the stories of all of those spin-offs together in KH3, and it ended up being a convoluted mess. Then the ending took a giant sh!t on the whole series.