Cory Barlog wants a God of War Netflix series

The God of War director certainly isn't the only one, but says it's just "hopes and dreams"

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lifeisgamesok192d ago

A God of War show done like The Witcher would be 🔥

THC CELL191d ago

I said this ages ago and it should happen
Also forget the uncharted movie a series would be better

UltraNova191d ago

Have to agree here but I can't help myself for still wanting a blockbuster level GoW movie that has the budget and creative team to rival that of the MCUs...

darthv72191d ago

Agreed. In fact any high profile game could be turned into a series as opposed to a movie. Movies have to limit their scope to roughly 2 hours. There is so much more to a games story than that and a tv series makes sens as they can have hours upon hours of content and be able to break it up appropriately.

Some notable game series that would make great tv series:
Dark Souls / Blodborne
Gears of War
Mass Effect
Last of Us
Sea of Thieves
Red Dead

ilikestuff191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

A god of war show would be great, they’d have to have a big budget to do it right but, man, I’d be down for it

I’d also really like them to take the Brandon Sanderson series, the Stormlight archives, and make it a show, would be better than thrones

TheKingKratos191d ago

You know they could do it like Castlevania show ... and make it as brutal and gory as it can get.

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SyntheticForm191d ago

Please let this be true.

They could start from the beginning and show us how Kratos got to Midgard.

Relientk77191d ago

He probably saw The Witcher and was like: Yep! Let's do this!

UltraNova191d ago

"Toss a coin to your...God killer..."

saimcheeda191d ago

A God of War series with Kratos and Atreus would be great!

Tetsdah191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I would be excited to see one. They certainly have the lore and bestiary to create interesting show

Inzo191d ago

Please no. For every hit Netflix has it 10 dumpster fires.

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S2Killinit191d ago

I agree. Also, GOW has new longevity now with the redesign. It would be too soon to ruin it with a show, even a hit show.

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S2Killinit191d ago

Agreed. Enjoyed the video. Its from when music was still an art form and not meant to appeal to everyone.

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sampsonon191d ago (Edited 191d ago )


they are both similar services except one is tv and movies and the other is games.
they both will have a lot of filler in between the larger games/tv and movies.
that's what i was saying. and it's true.
doesn't matter if it's flagged as inappropriate or not a fact is a fact.

King_Noctis191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

“ they are both similar services except one is tv and movies and the other is games. ”

The better comparison should be between PS Now and Netflix, because Game Pass is not a streaming service.

So why doesn’t that apply to PS Now as well? I just wonder why you always cherry-pick Game Pass out of the bunch even if it make no sense whatsoever.

AnubisG191d ago

I would say for every hit Netflix show there is a 100 dumpster fires easily.

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