Halo Wars Honor Guard and Flame Hog

Esemble has just announced that a UNSC "Flaming" Warthog and a Covenant "Honor Guard" Wraith will be available for those who pre-order lets hope they don't ruin the other vehicles.

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tortella3676d ago

what does the x360 have in 2009 and beyond?

Rick Astley3676d ago

Well they have Alan Wait and another flop incoming from tri-Ace.

silverchode3675d ago

nope tortella = cahill, lenhart
nasim= left the site i think.

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L Ronald Hubbard3676d ago

"for those who pre-order lets hope they don't ruin the other vehicles."

Seems like its just the beginning.

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FantasyStar3676d ago

How dare you compare Halo to Power Rangers! Power Rangers was a timeless classic! Take it back! Power Rangers deserves much more than mediocre ridicule!!

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Man_of_the_year3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Sony should be taking note of this...Its called MARKETING. kids will love this and want to pre-order, guaranteeing more sales just to have these...Anything that is "extra" without cost is a bonus. If LBP was offering real sack boys with custom cloths and outfits for free with a simple pre-order the game maybe would have sold better.

@PirateThom nope. That is nothing like it - these things are free tangable items you get when you pre-order. A sticker book??? R U serious? And exclusive DL...R U you not see a difference?? Gears 2 you get a life size lancer, you get a free remote control car from best-buy, Halo wars you get actual vehicles for free...Please ToM - tell me you see a difference here?

MerkinMax3676d ago

Halo compared to Power Rangers. I bet the 1 million people who play it everyday would think otherwise.

Bodhi3676d ago

OK, how come everyone can troll Halo and don't get they're comments deleted by the mod? I see someone has, and I doubt they're trolling Halo.

Honestly guys,
Halo 3 = 300 000 people playing everyday.
Halo 3 = The most played professional competition online game
Halo 3 = Forge mode + Video mdoe
Halo 3 = 4 player co-op
Halo 3 = Huge developer support and fan following

Apparently that's bad? Can I ask you how many games have all of those?
I didn't think so. This guy typed up this article to feed the trolls already in here, you guys just ate it all up in a split second.

NickIni3676d ago

Wrong. If you'd scrolled down you notice there was DLC - Nakiro and Kratos Sackboy costumes.

Man_of_the_year3675d ago

Read the WHOLE comment of 1.7 please....DUH!

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oriol0033676d ago

Halo 3: Recon as far as I know thats interesting I'm not sure gotta do some research.

morganfell3676d ago

HALO Wars could still be good but the only reason the get HALO Recon is for the HALO 3 maps. The SP won't be good because Christian Allen, the same guy that ruined Ghost Recon, has been brought in from his old job at Redstorm so he can ruin the HALO franchise too. It's almost as if on parting, Bungie decided to hire Allen so they could stick it to Microsoft.

That guy is a royal douche bag who made all of the changes in GR2 and GRAW and turned hardcore GR into an arcade shooter. Then he would get on the forums and act like he didn't have anything to do with it. He was the Lead Designer and Creative Lead. So he isn't just a douche bag, he is a gutless douche bag.

GiantEnemyCrab3676d ago

Than why make up a title and say "Could Halo Wars get any Lamer"? and in the description you made up also is nothing but a flame.

These are like a Golden Lancer, this is a pre-order bonus and not the only way the vehicles will be skinned.