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Gears of War 2 is exactly what a sequel should be, folks. It improves on the things that gamers complained about in the first game, it ramps up the storyline, and likely leaves room for a third installment as well. It cranks up the single player and online modes and makes for a great experience both online and off. This is a game worth buying a system for, if only just. It is not perfect, but it is certainly as close to the best game experience a gamer can have this generation, at least at this time.

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JokesOnYou3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

"It is not perfect, but it is certainly as close to the best game experience a gamer can have this generation, at least at this time." -GamersReports

Yeah I had the game since day 1 but I've been so damm busy these days I didn't get started until last far I'm really impressed with the game, the story IS much better but for me that wasn't a concern with the original, I just love the gameplay, the weapons, the rodie run, the cover system, the over-the-top cliche characters, the intense action sequences, the blood thirsty enemies, it all just fits I can't explain it the game just feels right, I played 1 horde session online before bed and all I could think about is how I wish I had more time to play this game. Wow, great job Epic!


The Matrix3649d ago

I don't shoot people in Gears of War...

I cut them in half wid a ****in' chainsaw! Testosterone power!

thenickel3649d ago

As you get deeper into the game just be prepared for some really visual intense moments. I'm on my second play through online and seriously have not seen anything this pretty ever in a videogame.

Foxgod3649d ago

indeed not perfect, but damn close, and a hell lot of fun :D :D :D

pp3649d ago

Awesome review as always best game out this year.

The Matrix3649d ago

Do you ever slow down? Lol?

Pebz3649d ago

He really should get a pay check from N4G for all the hits he gets them. Probably the same guy/couple of guys that own all the hardcore fanboy accounts, on all "sides".

PotNoodle3649d ago

The story mode is epic, but i feel that pretty much everything changed in the multiplayer could of been included in an update to the first gears.

Though it is much better with playing with such nice graphics on multiplayer.

gametheory3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

"as close to the best game experience a gamer can have this generation, at least at this time. "

I take that as an insult to many better experiences, including Mass Effect, Bioshock, Fable, Metal Gear Solid 4, GTA4, Little Big Planet, Fallout 3, Mario Galaxy, Oblivion and Twilight Princess. If he seriously thinks this is better then I guess developers should quit their currently developed games and all make shooters because it seems that some people are just too stupid to appreciate other genres.

I like my shooters too but shooters are rarely if ever GOTY contenders. For that they need to be revolutionary, not evolutionary, and to have a storyline that competes with the likes of artistic literature and cinema, and not with the likes of summer blockbusters which are not oscar winners, only money winners.

I'd believe him callin this one shooter of the year, though IMHO that's subject to debate.

The Matrix3649d ago

Ok you have a point but in none of those games can you cut a freakin' person in half with a freakin' chainsaw. And that is what separates Gears of War 2 from all other games.

gametheory3649d ago

Wasn't there a SEGA fighting game a long time ago where you could cut your adversary in bits with a chainsaw? Anyway I hope no game like that ever wins GOTY because that's almost like cheating. I mean, appealing to people's desire to be visceral in order to win GOTY is like when girls sleep with the commitee to win the prom queen award. Sure, they f*** great, but that shouldn't blind our judgment.

Still a good game though.

Gamingisfornerds3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Call me old fashioned, but the most important thing for me when playing a game is FUN. This year, of all games, I've had the most fun with Gears 2, by and large!

So based on that, it's my GOTY. But I suppose that doesn't suit your "holy laws" on what determines a GOTY.

Seriously, people on these boards...

Hooby3648d ago

Hey guys my opinion is different than lots of peoples! I have to be sure to state it as if the people with a different opinion are wrong!

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