Capcom Smashes Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 Rumors

Rumors have been been flying around the internet recently about confirmation from PlayStation Magazine that Devil May Cry 4, playable since TGS 06, would be coming to the Xbox 360.

Kotaku decided to check in with Capcom themselves and get more info.

Their response?

"Capcom does not comment on rumors. Devil May Cry 4 is exclusive to PS3. No other announcements have been made."

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nicodemus5728d ago

I'm not sure if Capcom's "no comment" counts as smashing this rumor. If anything, that's only going to add more fuel to the fire since Capcom didn't deny it was coming to 360. They just didn't comment.

nicodemus5728d ago

ya, that might be a smash after all. "Exclusive to PS3" doesn't look good, but I can still hope!

Arkham5727d ago

Nah, all it means is that currently only the PS3 version has been announced. It's the same game all companies play. He's telling the truth that it's an exclusive currently. If he said "DMC will remain a PS3 exclusive forever", then it would be pretty solid.

The way he's worded it has left open a "DMC4: <Subtitle>" game for any other platform.

Of course fanboys take these statements as permanent facts, so whenever something changes in the future they start crying "LiarS1!!!". Look at the anti-Sony crowd. They have that skill down pat.

PS360PCROCKS5728d ago

I wish this does comes to the 360 even if I have a PS3 in my house. But yeah let's keep the headlines in check and under control because that was a misleading headline

OutLaw5727d ago

But at the moment the PS3 needs all the exclusive it could get. If this game stays exclusive then it is good news for Sony.

Boink5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

but capcom saying they don't comment on rumours, it's exlusive to the ps3 me sounds pretty smashed to me?

maybe they change their minds in the future and it becomes a "timed exclusive" who knows, but they certainly clairified their position right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.