4 Features the Xbox Series X Needs to Be a Must-Buy

Author writes: "With Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Sony's PS5 releasing later this year, we take a look at features the Xbox Series X needs to be a must-buy."

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isarai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I'd be very surprised if they have rechargeable controllers out of the box

darthv7232d ago

Would be a nice change but I would hope they still make it user replaceable as well. Meaning they can include a rechargeable battery with the controller, but still let you pop that out and put in regular batteries or another rechargeable pack when the initial one no longer holds a charge.

MagUk32d ago

Why would anyone disagree with that? Makes perfect sense.

Lon3wolf32d ago

Basically throw in the play and charge kits, I like the idea but tbh the sealed batteries on Sony controllers has never been an issue for me (my PS3 one that came with console still works), if MSoft could match that durability I wouldn't be fussed about them being sealed.

TheEnigma31332d ago

the battery on the ps4 controller can be replaced in under 10 minutes

darthv7232d ago

@enigma, that is still 9 minutes and 50 seconds longer than it takes most people with an xb controller.

isarai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


Yeah but once every 10yrs vs once every week-month is still reasonable.

32d ago
rainslacker32d ago

Basically the charge n' play kit. I think a replaceable rechargeable battery would be the best way to do built in batteries. Realistically, or at least statistically speaking, people shouldn't need to replace the batteries that often. Maybe change them out while playing a game, but more likely replacing if they go bad, which doesn't happen that often.

I'm not sure it would be practical to have both a rechargeable internal batter and regular batteries within a single controller. I think the footprint of all of it would take too much room.

isarai32d ago


That would be great, but they really should also have a more permanent solution to the battery cover. So easy to lose or break.

darthv7232d ago

@rain, the current xbo controller proves you can have both user replaceable and rechargable batteries and it does not effect the footprint of the controller.

CaptainCook32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


You don't need to replace Xbox controller batteries since you can just use a USB chargeable cable while still playing the game.

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3ndulg332d ago

Agreed Xbox series x day one

Traecy32d ago

It needs original interesting AAA exclusive games first & foremost for it to be a must buy especially if you're not a fan or never owned an XB console every other reason is secondary.

darthv7232d ago

Well if you never owned an XB before, just knowing that it will support a sizeable number of quality games from xb, 360 and xbo is reason enough. Not to mention it will have its own games to really make it shine.

If you are a PC gamer, then it may not make much sense because MS is not about limiting game releases to only console or only PC. If you are a console player then it makes sense to have one. I dont game on PC anymore so its a given that I will get one.

Traecy32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Not true especially for me & others that never bought or owned an XBOX console nor do I game on PC. My reason for not owning one is my lack of interest in their exclusive library especially this generation,last gen most of their exclusives ended up on PlayStation except for their first party titles such as Forza,Halo & Gears & I have zero interest playing those 3. Again...for me to be remotely interested in buying a next gen XB console their studio's would have to finally release some original banging exclusive titles that I would be very eager to play.

StarLink32d ago Show
Edito31d ago

I owned the original Xbox and the 360 for some time and I still don't see the reason to own one... If they don't show games that matter the console wont matter...

StarLink32d ago

You DM me, then you block me lol coward. Thanks for confirming you can handle the truth. "AAA,AA,Niche,indies,Japa nese games & rpgs all of these types of exclusives that are on the PS4" well fyi Xbox has all of that. That you dont like any of those games on Xbox is irrelevant and doesnt stop the Xbox from having those games.

Traecy32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's evident with my upvotes folks agree. TacoGirl.... it's clearly you that can't handle the truth in my above comments I didn't mention anything about AA,Indies or Niche titles I stated XB needs original interesting AAA exclusives if they want folks that are not fans or folks that have never bought their console & how is that comment trolling?? It's the truth something that clearly hurts!! Get a grip they have professional counseling for that.

ArmyVetGamer32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

1. AAA Games
2. Hardware stability
3. Fast Ssd
4. New mangmnt

#1. This goes without saying
#2. I seen a myriad of ppl who had probs with their scorpio ed. xb1x... lets fix that. We dont need another rrod fiasco just to get your box on the market.
#3. Faster load times ect
#4. Id love to see people replaced, instead of a talking head just telling ppl what they want to hear with no results or substance. Its no secret many gamers have jumped ship on xbox this gen for a laundry list of reasons.

"Moving into next generation, Microsoft needs to ensure its hardware has that slight edge over the PS5"

A **slight power** advantage wont help anything. The advantage didnt help vs the ps4pro and it sure didnt matter when it came to the power difference with the nintendo switch... the switch is literally 1/6 the power of the x... how did that matter? Peanuts. Quit worrying about power ms and get your software in order...

The x had all this power and we never even got to see exactly what all that power was for with ms 1st partys and we likely never will.

Id like to see ms pull a page out of sonys book like at the beg of 8th gen being more powerful and 100$ cheaper... that would give ms a huge edge... but thats hardly likely to happen.

darthv7232d ago

Would it really surprise you the reason people jumped ship this gen was also the reason they played on 360 last gen? That would be because their friends had one to share games and play online with. That sharing video Sony made is quite convincing. And having a deal with Call of Duty is also just as convincing.

And what do you have against Phil? Greenberg i can understand but Phil has set all the wheels in motion to provide a stable foundation for xbox as it moves into the new decade. It certainly wasnt easy convincing the heads of MS to keep investing in XB but he was able to get things done and made some tough decisions in the process. You dont oust someone who is doing a good job of moving things forward.

ArmyVetGamer32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

These are my opinions on what would help ms do much better next... youre free to hit that disagree, but its also the opinions of many others.

Ive been an xbox fan since my og xbox in 2001. The only ones who like Phillip Spencer are the xbox only gamers... or the gamers whos preference is xbox... not all, but most.

Everyone else literally is like... not this guy again with his grin and gamer shirt. Ive stated this in another article why i dont like phillip spencer... he says things that are like... do you even game bro?

"He has openly stated, first party titles don't matter, single player games don't matter, console sales don't matter, 3rd party marketing rights are bad for the gaming community when xbox started this to begin with... how he could say any of that with a straight face is dumbfounding."

He said these things... out of his mouth. Dude is a hack

We can dispute all day whether or not hes great for xbox... his actions and words speak the loudest and these words can not be disputed

darthv7232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

To be fair, he never once said those exact words. You are summarizing what he has said but contextually speaking it goes much more than that. 3rd party marketing deals (which MS was very privy to and was constantly criticized for) should not be a thing any longer. Every person and platform should have access to the same games. so you want to say he's a bad guy for NOT whipping out the checkbook to sign a deal for CoD like Sony did???

SP games DO matter and his words were about the amount of time people invest in such games as they relate to player engagement. Having games people come back to and play on a regular basis are much more fulfilling than ones you play and beat and then get rid of or just put it on a shelf and probably never touch again. No game company wants to see their work relegated to filling a hole on a shelf. They like to see people playing it and having fun in the process. SP games are fine but this is an era of more access to players around the world than ever before. Why else do you think games like CoD sell so much? It certainly isnt only for the engrossing SP campaign.

First party titles also matter which is why they are investing in building up first party studios to create content to help with player engagement. You must be so far out of touch with reality to know they have several first party games out now and more to come. So I dont know where you would think they arent interested in releasing games for their ecosystem.

If you think his wearing of gaming shirts are bad then you must think everyone in their 40's who wear gaming shirts are bad. I wear them because i like them and I have no issues with anyone who wear what they are into and enjoy. I used to wear band shirts too but I dont go to concerts as much as i used to so I dont get the shirts like i used to but my wife buys me gaming ones because she knows I am into gaming. In case you didnt know... Phil does play games. All kinds of games from all kinds of platforms. Not every 'suit' needs to wear a suit.

rainslacker32d ago

His talk about SP games not being as impacful was about the investors not being as willing to invest in them because they don't make as much money in return compared to easy cash MP games. That is indirectly related to people not investing as much time into them, but his reason was about the money, not the player base itself, ro their desire to play the games.

darthv7232d ago

Rain, that kind of goes hand in hand. investors want returns on their investment and if they are seeing that SP games arent a good return because there is no $ to be made over a prolonged period of time. A good MP game will keep players coming back over time and that is what investors want to see as it makes more $$ than SP games.

Eldyraen32d ago

I think management is fine, it’s just corporate level management isn’t some easy fix. Especially if it’s been floundering for a while (360 had major hardware issues initially and a definite drop in games the last couple years, which sort of bled into this one actually).

A retailer or other local business might see important changes in months, maybe even weeks if lucky, but game development is a multi-year investment for a single game That’s 2-3 years just to see if the first round of Changes were helpful or not. Then that Change might not work with one studio of potentially hundreds of employees as it did with another of similar or smaller size.

So the first Major fix originally was Spencer actually getting Nadella and MS to invest in Xbox sufficiently (they had previously relied almost entirely on third party: Halo, Forza, and Fable were arguably their only first party franchises of significant Note that got carried over (released on more than a single generation in other words) until they formed Coalition this past generation (because Gears was developed by a third party for 4 games).

It’s only recently starting to really pay off too, starting off with Services which is likely an easier bet than radical Studio expansion or purchases. Then they bought studios, which as mentioned are a multi-year unknown quantity really. Most already had deals in place, but MS has done a good job of bringing most to things to GP day one still—even with other publishers having the initial rights.

This year is when we start to see it begin to pay off for real though. Some are still older commitments (Wasteland 3) or smaller preexisting projects (Grounded and Bleeding Edge)—but from a single studio they’ve already announced Hellblade 2 and Project Mara which are much more of what us Xbox fans wanted to see from the pickups.

If the other studios follow suit, or even half of them, then Xbox will start to prove that their commitment and decisions haven’t been “all talk” for more than just the existing fans that are still enjoying Xbox anyways.

And to be honest, those are who they need to prove it to. Because I’m enjoying Xbox still (both console and GP Ultimate on Pc), but fans are likely to buy a Series X at some point anyways (or Pc). They need to get PS or even Nintendo fans on board to grow even more, which would benefit everyone really. because More competition, more passion for gaming, better games in general, are what takes gaming to the next level every time.

ArmyVetGamer32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I agree, but its been a long wait to see results

Not talking about services, gaas, or other things you mentioned...

The games bro... is the only thing that matters. Can ms make games once again that will make an old xbox fan like me, invest in them once more. And now it might be another 2-3 years before we see those games? Thats not going to cut it

People keep saying... it takes time. Yeah well tell that to the other devs that consistantly release games within 3-4 years... and the majority of games ms have produced this gen... have been mediocre at best. Even the high appraised Halo and Gears... missed the mark when looking back at what made these franchises special... at this point... MS is making these 2 ip just for the sake of making them. Do we really need another mediocre halo and gears? Make another new ip. With these talented devs...

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Nadella was on board with Xbox from the moment he took over. He took over to move MS into the cloud generation, and he saw the gaming market as too big to ignore. Everything Phil is doing now has some direct connection to Nadella's long term overall plan for MS, which he has been very vocal about. Nadella is about services. He wants to move all MS products he can into a service model, up to and including Windows itself. Obviously, this is not going to happen 100% for all their products, but his implication was clear. It's the reason MS gave away Win10 for free, because it gets people into their ecosystem. Just like these free or super cheap trials for game pass. You think MS is for the customer by putting games on PC? Nope. It's because they want those subs. Buying studios is to help the Xbox brand? Nope, it's about getting users. They know this is what the streaming services are doing now, and they're preparing for that.

That's why they started reporting MAU's, not because they were ashamed of their sales. They did the same thing for Windows and all their other service based products. But everyone ignored that other stuff.

It's a long term plan, and Nadella hasn't even been trying to hide it. Just no one around here wants to learn anything about MS beyond Xbox, and since MS has bigger plans, they're fine with Spencer getting all the credit.

Let the disagrees come in, but no one will care to validate what I say through some simple web searches, because then they may have to work too hard to think of a counter argument. Which is sad, because what MS is doing isn't inherently bad for the consumer, and they can even benefit from it now, and the long term. But, people like to see any reality about what's going on as an attack, and they seem to have trouble separating critical thinking from their feelings.

bluefox75532d ago

It only needs one thing for me to buy it, but it won't have it. A great game that I can't play anywhere else.

TheEnigma31332d ago

one thing they need to focus on is games, but they can all be played on the current Xbone.

Echo_32d ago

But without the benefits of the Series X.

TheEnigma31332d ago

not worth the price of admission. The previous gen will hold games back from fully using the series x potential

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